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Delta 2023: Political hustlers should steer clear Otuaro’s track -Delta Group



By Timi Black
Chief Correspondent

A social political group, the Greater Delta Project (GDP) has warned political detractors and mischievous persons hiding under the canopy of contesting for governorship election in Delta state to steer clear off the path of His Excellency Barr Kingsley Otuaro, adding that the group was disappointed over the activities of some of the PDP governorship aspirants who are sure suffering from integrity and popularity crises had resorted to cheap blackmail against the person of Otuaro in order to score cheap political points.

The statement was disclosed in a press release signed by its spokesperson Mr. Lawson Awipi on Sunday.

According to the group: “We are disappointed that some of the PDP governorship aspirants who are sure suffering from integrity crisis and thus, cannot face popularity test have resorted to cheap blackmail of their fellow contestants in order to score cheap political points. Our Principal, Kingsley Burutu Otuaro have become a victim of these cheap political blackmails that he has stepdown for XYZ aspirants.

The statement which was titled “DELTA 2023 GUBER RACE AND THE DELUGE OF PDP ASPIRANTS RESIGNING TANGO: POLITICAL HUSTLERS SHOULD STAY OFF OTUARO’S TRACK” stated: “While the race to Dennis Osadebe House in 2023 hots up in Delta State, we members of Greater Delta Project (GDP) and indeed all the Kingsley Burutu Otuaro (KBO) supporters’ groups across the State have been taken aback by the deluge of propaganda, occupying the political airwave. The mother of all such cheap propaganda being peddled by some integrity-defeated governorship aspirants in the State and their floating supporters is the unverified news of A, B, C PDP governorship aspirants being stepdown from the race.

The group further asserted: “We make bold to tell Deltans and indeed, Deacon Kingsley Burutu Otuaro’s teaming supporters across the State in particular and the Nigerian federation at large that KBO is unrelentingly in the governorship race and has no reason whatsoever to stepdown for anybody when his prospect of winning the PDP guber primary and by extension, the 2023 governorship election is very bright by God’s grace.

“With KBO’s towering image in every human endeavors as well as his political clout which is above board, we are sure Deltans will willingly give him their mandates. Otuaro as a certified academic pundit with an undeniably proven technocrat, a philanthropist and a servant leader down to the earth; a detribalised Deltan and a peace and conflict resolution expert is the best choice of Deltans for the plum job.

“We therefore call on these disgruntled guber aspirants to strictly campaign for their ambition and leave Otuaro out of their misfortune propaganda. Our Principal with his team of supporters have been busy consulting the stakeholders in the State as well as the PDP delegates. We expect those aspirants manufacturing lies just to launder their bartered images to embark on such all embracing politicking. We advice these political hustlers to desist from the barrage of lies they floated in order to earn cheap political popularity. Election cannot be won by propaganda or emotional blackmails”, they maintained.