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FG will benefit more from renewing Tompolo’s pipeline contract -Ozobo tells Tinubu



By Peters Monday,  Abuja

Renowned Niger Delta rights and environmental activist, Comrade Ozobo Austin has emphasised that the renewal of Tompolo’s Tantita security pipeline surveillance contract will benefit the federal government of Nigeria more than any other person.

This is according to a statement which he signed by himself and sent to Congress news correspondent on Thursday.

Ozobo said Nigeria had gained a lot in terms of economic recovery through the sustained fight against oil theft by Tompolo’s Tantita Security Services Limited in recent times.

He argued that there is no one in Niger Delta, apart from Tompolo that can sustain zero tolerance in the fight against oil theft, adding that it would be a grave mistake to either split or not renew the contract for Tompolo.

“There is only one man the oil thieves can’t be compromised with and that is Tompolo. The oil thieves are clamouring for the return of the pipeline Surveillance Contract to the military because they can compromise them to continue the sabotage.

“President Tinubu should think properly before making his decision on whether to split or not to renew it. The brave successes recorded by Tompolo’s Tantita in the fight against oil theft were first of its kind in the history of this country. Before Tanita Security Services Limited took over the fight against oil theft, the Forcados terminal was shut down due to massive oil theft. The terminal was shut down because it could not produce the needed barrels for export. But today the terminal has resumed lifting of crude for export.

“Again, the total daily oil output was near collapse, the economy was dwindling and Nigeria could not meet its overhead financial demands and was resorted to constant borrowing to fund the budget but today there is an astronomical increase of daily output and revenue increase because of Tompolo’s Tantita sustained fight against oil theft and our highly polluted environment has been sanitized.

“Mr. President, you should think very well before making your decision to prevent making the wrong decision on a strategic issue. The day you allow yourself to be turned like a barber chair and remove the surveillance contract from Tompolo that will mark the return of massive oil sabotage in the country. Be smart and brave my president, Enemies who want to sabotage your government are behind the smear campaigns against Tompolo.

“It is my appeal that you take no delay to renew the Tompolo’s Pipeline Security Contract and also ignore smear campaigns by mischievous people whose interest is to destabilize your government”, he added.