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Iduwini IYC calls on football stars in the Clan to participate in a 2-day pre-season knock-out tournament in Warri April 27, 28




By Miracle Esegha



The Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Iduwini Clan, has called on all footballers from the area to avail themselves for a tournament which is coming up by the weekend.


Congress gathered that a 2-day pre-season knockout tournament for 16 teams will be held at Mote Gardens, adjacent Total Filling Station, Otokutu Junction, Warri, Delta State from April 27 and 28, 2024 by 3 PM daily.


The Assistant Secretary, Comrade Enosh Samson, in a statement on Wednesday, April 24, called on footballers in the clan to avail themselves in order to represent Team Iduwini in the pre-season knockout tournament.


According to the statement, the Assistant Secretary, Samson had already paid the registration fee for the team and no one is expected to pay any money, but just to make themselves available and represent their team.


The statement read partly, “The assistant secretary of the IYC, Iduwini Clan, Comrade Enosh Samson, representing Amatu 1 Community, has also paid the registration fee for Team Iduwini and what is remaining is for the footballers to make themselves available to play.”


“This is my own little way of supporting Amatu 1 Community and the entire youths of Iduwini Clan IYC, just as I promised when I was aspiring to be assistant secretary of the clan.”


“This is a great opportunity because there are prizes to be won, and those who will perform excellently may be fortunate to be signed into bigger football teams in the Nigerian Premier League, and I really want them to participate in this event.”


“I saw the information about the tournament and I was interested in it, and even though there was no team for the youths of the clan, because of my passion, I quickly formed the Team Iduwini, paid the fee for the entire team and enrolled in the knockout tournament.”


“I am using this means to call on all sons of Iduwini Clan who can play football to come out and make sure we bring this cup to our clan, it will be our greatest joy if we win.”


“I am not really concerned about the prize for the winners, but I registered Team Iduwini because I want to use the avenue to promote talented footballers from the clan.”


“The tournament is just by the corner – this Saturday and Sunday, and like I said, it is designed in a way that exceptional players may be signed into professional teams in Nigeria. That’s why I am working closely with the organizers to ensure that players from Team Iduwini get a chance to advance their careers in football, since I’m also a footballer.”


“I am not desperate or in a hurry to prove that I am performing as Assistant Secretary of Iduwini Clan IYC, but since I got wind of the tournament, I had to look for a way to drag my clan people into it.”


“I may not have all the financial muscle to sponsor Team Iduwini, but I will grab every opportunity I see to promote them,” the statement added.


Meanwhile, a stakeholder of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC worldwide, Amb. Tarasele Collins,who supported the move by Comrade Enosh Samson, applauded his zeal and commitment towards promoting the youth.of Iduwini Clan IYC.


According to Collins, “This is a very commendable step taken by the Assistant Secretary of Iduwini and I am totally behind him. He will continue to get my support, and I also use this medium to call on skillful players from the clan to get involved.”


“This is something that will benefit them and their families in the future, and I’m happy that the assistant secretary of Iduwini Clan has taken upon himself all the financial costs involved – this is a sign of good leadership.”


“It is my deepest desire that Team Iduwini go and return home with the first prize of N300,000,” he added.


The statement urged those who are interested for further information to call the assistant secretary through the below telephone number: 08101543707.

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