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By Sunday Onye, senior correspondent

The Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator (Dr) Akon Eyakenyi has urged female believers who experience a pull towards politics and public service not to be discouraged by the misconception that politics is dirty and evil.

She gave the admonition, Friday in Uyo while delivering a speech on “The Prevailing Woman in Politics” at the Annual Women Prayer Retreat of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association(UUEA).

She went memory lane to tell the story of her political career from when she was appointed Supervisor For Youth, Sports and Education in Oron Local Government Council through several other positions, culminating in her recent election as the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, noting that public service is a call of God.

“Having made the divinely orchestrated journey from teaching and school administration into an eventful political career, I think I have seen and experienced enough to share thoughts with other women, especially Kingdom women who may desire a career in politics.

“I thank God for His grace and favour but believe me, it hasn’t been altogether a smooth and easy journey. Of course, no child of destiny, even in the Bible, found life permanently smooth. The crown has always been for the overcomers. If you don’t win, you can’t be a Champion.”

The former Minister of Lands and Urban Development said the call of God is not gender biased, saying kingdom women should take the liberty of pursuing their purpose without the fear of rejection or discrimination.

“God is not a respecter of persons or gender. In His Sovereignty, He chooses and anoints whom He wants, whether male or female, rich or poor. Being a woman, wife or mother has never been a disqualification to divine purpose. We are the ones imposing limitations on ourselves.” She said.

Senator Eyakenyi enjoined Christian women who have a sincere and consistent burden for politics and government not to shy away from participation on the basis of the misconception that politics is dirty.

“Contrary to popular misconception, there is nothing immoral about politics and political processes. The repudiation of politics is tantamount to the rejection of government with the accompanying consequences.

“A liar in business will lie to his customers and partners. A pervert in teaching will manifest that evil tendency in that noble profession. A fraudulent lawyer will dupe his clients and even an immoral Pastor will misbehave despite the sanctity of the altar of God and clear ordinances of the scriptures.” She emphasized.

She further urged Christian women in politics and those who may wish to join to be prayerful, Godly, respectful, humble, loyal and purposeful.

“Some of my male political associates have pointed to the level of respect I accord my husband as the reason for their support for me. Of course, if I didn’t submit completely to the leadership of my husband at home, he wouldn’t support me to be a leader outside.

“In more than forty years of marriage, our children have never heard us quarrel. Sometimes they would tease us saying “Daddy and mummy, when will we also hear you quarrel?

“I know the male – female relationship is a subject of intense debate today. While I am not advocating the subjugation of the female gender, there is need to go back to the scriptures and do as commanded. A violation of scriptural principles has consequences, just as obedience to them brings rewards.” She submitted.

The highpoint of the event was the induced of the Deputy Governor as a member of the Victorious Women Fellowship of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association.