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2023: DSP Agege’s Factory Of Lies And Okowa’s Unblemished Good Governance In Delta



By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq

Good governance is not cheap, it is indeed a herculean task that requires strategic brain storming exercise from time to time, as well as strong moral character and the burning desire to bring uncommon socioeconomic and infrastructure development of state or nation.

Okowa’s administration brought with it good measures of visionary leadership, transparency, accountability, scrupulous financial dealings and prudent management of state financial, material and human resources.

On the other hand, the bad governance of Buhari administration cum All Progressives Congress, APC, was and still premised on propaganda, blame game, multiple taxations, white elephant projects, reckless borrowings occasioning Nigeria’s heavy indebtedness, as well as ethnic agenda, vengeance, intelligent manufacturing or consistent fabrication of lies.

Any leader who wants to attain power through fabrication of lies will definitely fall like a huge log before the axe. And it is becoming crystal clear that some aspirants for the office of governor in 2023, are already deploying orchestrated lies, character assassination and media propaganda to achieve their political ambitions.

2023 governorship election in Delta State, is no doubt gaining prominence in the political scheme of things; and it appears alignment and realignments by political gladiators is now in the works, which was why there had been gale of defections from APC to PDP in Delta, regrouping and resurfacing of lobby and pressure groups, positioning to gain relevance ahead of power sharing after governorship election in the state.

This perhaps gave rise to recent political propaganda flavoured with terrible lies coming from the highly fragmented and fictionalized opposition, Delta APC, and some of her leaders in the State. The major opposition have no meaningful achievements of the federal government to talk about, our nation’s collapsed economy and escalating insecurity attests to the abysmal performance of the Buhari led APC national government in the last six years and still counting.

And it is obvious from his recent repeated negative statements that the Deputy President of the Senate, DSP, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, representing Delta Central Senatorial District, had strategically positioned himself as the “Chief Liar” of his party in the state, in order to gain unmerited attention from the people.

It is on record that before his defection from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in 2015 to Labour Party, LP, and to APC, Ovie Omo-Agege, was a political feather weight, an inconsequential politician with no pedigree, no good public image and lacked moral decency to a reasonable degree, in terms of his leadership style as Executive Assistant and Secretary to Delta State Government, SSG. This accounted for his wholesome rejection by the people and party faithfuls when he overrated himself and tried his nonexistent political popularity as PDP governorship aspirant in 2014. He was ignored and scorned by party faithfuls and had to defect to LP to cover his shame and frustration.

Unknown to Chief Great Ogboru, Agege planned ahead of him to climb through his back politically. He did, succeeded and later dumped Ogboru in the empty market square of politics. He initially promised to support Ogboru to become governor if he eventually allow him to climb through his back to the Senate. The duo agreed, Ogboru delivered but Agege back stabbed him after he grabbed the juicy position of DSP. He will be running for the position of governor he promised to assist Ogboru to attain. This is what I call “unscrupulous empty political gratuitous promise.”

Haven dealt with Ogboru ruthlessly, he has strategically beamed his wicked and evil political search light on the incumbent platinum governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. And his only game plan is to consistently feed Deltans with empty lies, falsehood, black propaganda and character assassination, as as to gain unmerited attention from the people.

This was the same kind of lies and propaganda strategy deployed by APC in 2015 against PDP, which subsequently plundered our country, Nigeria into a failed state bedevilled by bad governance; acute devaluation of the Naira (N157 to $1), tripled inflation, multiple increase in fuel and electricity tariff, high-level poverty, hunger and unemployment, relocation of manufacturing industries from Nigeria to neighbouring West African Countries.

Today, there is endemic corruption in high places in Nigeria, acute neglect of our health sector, huge backlog of unpaid Doctors salaries and wages, deliberate refusal to pay lecturers backlog of financial entitlements, suspension of Universities research grants, acute security problems leading to constant killing in cold blood of innocent Nigerians, and the list is endless.

In all of the above listed failures of the APC national government, DSP Omo-Agege, had the effrontery to call out governor Okowa and his administration, saying that no project has been executed in the past six years of this administration. Whereas Agege’s long fleet of SUVs ply roads renovated and rehabilitated by Okowa administration in Ughelli North, Orogun town and across the state where he gallivants and peddled naked lies against this administration.

Whereas Agege official jet land and take off at Asaba International Airport which was renovated, equipped and upgraded by Okowa administration. Whereas Omo-Agege was in Abuja or Orogun town in 2018 when Delta State hosted the 21st Senior Africa Athletes Competition at the Stephen Keshi International Stadium Asaba, which was also built, equulipped and commissioned by Okowa administration, rated one of the best stadium in Africa.

Whereas DSP Omo-Agege was hail and hearty in Nigeria, when his boss and party leader cum Vice President of Nigeria, His Excellency, Prof Yemi Osibanjo, visited Delta State and nicked named Okowa, the Roadmaster. Okowa administration rehabilitated and reconstructed over 2,500 kilometres of roads and over 2,000 kilometres of bridges across the state, and Agege’s official SUVs ply the roads and yet he says this administration did nothing since 2015.

Agege’s peddling of lies and deliberate character assassination is certainly not a viable strategy to win governorship election. It is the best way to fail and Deltans will reject Agege at the polls for trying to play on their intelligence. It will be truth against lies, light against darkness.

Omo-Agege shall witness the completion and commissioning of the Masterclass Delta State Secretariat in December this year, named after the Asagba of Asaba, Obi (Prof) Chike Edozien, one of best legacies of this administration.

Whereas Omo-Agege was very much around when Okowa administration rehabilitated, equipped and reopened six Technical Colleges across the three senatorial districts and currently building additional Technical Colleges in each of the local government areas in Delta State.

Whereas Omo-Agege was in Abuja or in Orogun town when Okowa administration established the Delta Bureau for Job and Wealth Creation, commenced the YAGEP, STEP, RYSA, PROJECT-GEST, Women Empowerment Programmes; trained and empowered over 180,000 Deltans within six years and still counting. No quantity of lies can wish away the good deeds of a governor (Okowa) whose visionary leadership and good governance strides took over 180,000 young Deltans and women from the poverty and labour market and gave them new status of “Entrepreneurs and Employers of Labour.”

Omo-Agege deliberately ignored the stream of testimonies coming from young Deltans and women on social media platforms, people whose lives have been transformed economically through Okowa’s result oriented socioeconomic programmes anchored on Prosperity for All Deltans and Stronger Delta Agendas. What more do you want me to list here? The Kwale Industrial Park brought substantial inflow of foreign investments and will provide thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities for our people across the state.

The Three newly established Universities; Delta University, Agbor, Dennis Osadebey University, Anwai and Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro, are currently recruiting academic and nonacademics staff, providing thousands of jobs for Deltans. These citadels of learning comes with huge infrastructure development which will further attract developments to the State.

The three Universities established by Okowa administration will certainly expand the scope of admissions and thousands of young Deltans struggling for admissions into Universities will now have a brighter and expanded opportunities to achieve their dreams of acquiring degrees at any of these Universities.

Okowa administration has been paying salaries, entitlements and student bursaries regularly in a national economy mismanaged by the clueless APC national government where DSP Omo-Agege, is feeding fat like Calabari women undergoing “Fatten Room,” after child birth. He is flying government jets here and there, traveling and dropping peanuts for party faithfuls in Ughelli North, to the exclusion of other local governments in the state. His transformer installation in Ughelli North only exist on social media, those communities are still in perpetual darkness, except for his Orogun town where the best transformers were installed and running at full capacity.

Omo-Agege took the Federal Polytechnic meant for a particular community in Delta North to his Village in Orogun. He is also working very hard for the newly approved LAW SCHOOL to be established in Orogun town, as if the DSP position is strictly for the development of his hometown to the exclusion of others. He boasted that all Federal projects during his tenure as DSP must be sited in his Orogun town in Ughelli North, and environ. What manner of man is Omo-Agege?

It is obvious that Omo-Agege’s factory of lies has commenced production and the target audience is Deltans. His target victim is Okowa administration and PDP, the party in power. His product trade mark is “Okowa Did Not Do Any Project In Delta State,” and what does Agege hope to achieve? He wants to be governor in 2023, through the instrumentality of fabricated lies and naked media propaganda.

If the truth must be told without fear or favour, Agege can never be governor of Delta State in 2023, not in the next 20 years. Take it to the bank. I shall be vindicated in 2023.

The battle line is drawn, Omo-Agege be ready, truth against your lies, per second per second!