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2023: Napoleon Egin declares for Warri federal constituency seat



Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a legal practitioner, Napoleon Egin from Egbema kingdom, Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State has declared for the House of Representatives seat of Warri federal constituency.

Egin, who made the declaration on Monday during the Egbema political parley in Warri, said he is contesting to implement an integration agenda of the Warri federal constituency.

He further reiterated that his decision to join the race for Warri federal constituency seat was to speak for the voiceless, to articulate those perculiar needs of the federal constituency.

He noted:” As you can see the Warri federal constituency, although the major oil producing constituency but has nothing to show for it. So I’m coming to draw the attention of the federal government, the perculiar needs of the federal constituency and also to ensure that what is due to the federal constituency be given to the federal constituency in terms of education, federal infrastructure, medical infrastructure, social and other infrastructures and human capital developments. These are some of the things which I know if there is a proper articulation of our needs, the federal government has no reason to withhold his support to the constituency.

Acccording to him, “I’m coming out because I have identified a challenge in Warri federal constituency, that challenge is that Warri federal constituency at the moment is not properly integrated, as you know Warri federal constituency consists of three distinct tribes, the Itsekiris, Ijaws and Urhobos. My coming out is to make a statement that the people of Warri federal constituency are all one. Anybody can aspire to become a political office holder and the person will get the support of the three tribes. This is the main reason why am coming, to speak for the voiceless, to articulate those perculiar needs of the federal constituency.

“I believe that with God all things are possible, this is a cause I have set myself to embark on, the challenges may be there but I am very optimistic that they are surmountable. The tribal challenges, class disparity and all of that but I believe that as a lawyer, someone who is born to advocate for those whose voices are been suppress, I believe that these challenges can be surmounted and when the victory come it will come for everyone.

When questioned on the recent position of the Itsekiri monarch where he allegedly said the House of Representatives Warri federal constituency seat is an exclusive right for the Itsekiris, Egin said the seat was meant for the three tribes of Warri federal constituency.

His words, “Well, I have read about it on the pages of the newspaper and various social media but I want to believe that it is still in the realm of speculation. The Olu is a person who understand civility, who understood proper integration, who understand the common cause for humanity. The Olu is not a man that is tribal bound as it well, so I want to believe that it is still in the realm of speculation. I believe when the time comes the Olu will support my cause because it is a cause that represents even the Itsekiris. Look at Warri federal constituency, how many projects of federal infrastructure can you mention, there is none. These are common problems, if we have dearth in road infrastructure, is it peculiar to the Itsekiris? It is not, it’s common to both the Ijaws, the Urhobos and the Itsekiris. So I believe that because my agenda is to properly integrated the entire people and make sure the presence of the federal government should brought to the constituency, I am optimistic that the Olu himself will support me”, he added.

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May I stand on existing protocols already established in this august gathering.
Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Napoleon Sekegbekumor Egin. Though an indigene of multiple communities in Egbema, I am a card carrying member of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and am registered under Ward 10, Warri North Local Government Area. By the grace of God I am also a legal practitioner with over 15 years post call experience in legal practice. I currently run a law firm in Warri Delta State. I am a proud alumnus of the University of Benin from where I have obtained 3 degrees in law and Criminology. I also belong to a number of professional bodies including the Nigerian Bar Association, Nigerian Association of Criminologists just to mention a few.

Mr. Chairman, I am happy and humbled to be in your midst this day. Today we are collectively making history. Our gathering has shown to the world and indeed other political blocs in our neighborhood that we are capable of organizing ourselves. Much more importantly, we have shown to the world that we are capable of loving and helping ourselves contrary to opinions held in some quarters. History will be kind to you all that have made it possible for the kingdom to reassert its identity and relevance in the political arrangement of Delta State.
Mr Chairman, being with you this day is a demonstration of the enormous respect and regard I have for Egbema Political family. Let me reiterate that I will continue to make my contribution for the expansion of our political presence and relevance in Delta State and beyond God willing.

I have come to you with a simple objective. That is to humbly inform you of my aspiration to run in the forth coming general election as member, Warri Federal Constituency. I have come to seek your support, assistance and prayers. I appeal to you because I understand Egbema constitutes a major political sub-bloc after the Itsekiris.

Mr. Chairman, Permit me to distress a little. Warri Federal Constituency Consists of 32 Federal Wards. The Ijaws of Warri has 8 Wards in Warri South West and Warri North. The Urhobos of Warri South have 6 Wards with significant presence in two others. The Itsekiris have a total of 17 wards in all three Local Government Area of old Warri Province. The Ogbe-Ijohs are arguably the owners of G.R.A Ward(which extends to the whole of that area known to be old NPA and Ogbe Ijoh market) in Warri South Local Government Area.
By this calculation, the Itsekiris have a total of 17 while the Ijaws and Urhobos have a total of 15 Wards in the Constituency. The Urhobos have been our ally from time immemorial having regard to the common fate we share. They have always wanted the Ijaws to take the initiative, to break the monopoly that exists in the House of Representatives, as it relates to the Warri Federal Constituency. There is a growing liberal Itsekiri political bloc that believes in equity fairness and justice. They see the Ijaws, Urhobos and Itsekiris as one big family.

Mr. Chairman, this emerging Bloc is prepared to assist the Ijaw man to aspire to become a holder of any political office in Warri Federal Constituency. I have no doubt in my mind that if we work together the two political blocs I just mention be more than willing to support our course.

The theme of my campaign is Integration Agenda 2023. I chose this theme because of my believe that the time for the Urhobos, Ijaws and the liberal Itsekiris of Warri Federal Constituency to be properly integrated is now. My aspiration represents that drive.

It is an aspiration to move our dear kingdom to the front Burner. It shows to the other political blocs that Egbema is the gateway to total integration of the peoples of Warri Federal Constituency. My aspiration also represents the integration of the Youth and Women of Warri Federal Constituency. I believe if you give me your support, we will defeat the other candidates who do not represent a liberal ideology in Warri Federal Constituency. A victory for that course will permanently change the political calculations in the constituency and give a voice to those who before now do not have a voice in the constituency. From now on, you will be intimidated and blackmailed into submission by those who think public offices in the Constituency is their birth right.

I appeal to you to be steadfast because you have what it takes to be winners.
I will explain how you have become very critical and relevant with the signing of the Electoral Act 2022 at some other occasion.

Mr. Chairman, I may have some weaknesses as a human but one thing anyone can’t take away from me is my capacity to defend your course when I am in a position to do so. I believe I am the most qualified for the office I now seek your help to hold. The Ijaws are my blo9od brothers. The Urhobos are my blood brothers. The ltsekiris are my friend. With you by my side sir, I will defeat the other contestants who do not care about the challenges we face as a people. Let me thank you once again and assure you of my unwavering loyalty.
May GOD bless the Federal Republic of
GOD bless Delta State
God bless Warri Federal Constituency.
GOD bless the good People of Egbema Kingdom in
Warri Federal Constituency.