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By Markson Ode

The Ijaws of Delta state are among the most peace loving ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. We’re known for our uncompromising, unwavering and sheepish loyalty and commitment to constituted, and or established order for the collective benefits of all as well as whatever course we believe in.

Evidential proofs and results are replete of the above assertion which paucity of time and space would deny us of copious analysis.

Since inception of Democratic Government in Nigeria in 1999, the Ijaws have consistently played prominent roles and have been a leading and pivotal force in the berthing of the various Governments in the state, even when it was obviously not in our favour.

The INEC results are there to corroborate claims however bogus they might seem. The Ijaws have “delivered” 100% to every Government that has been in Delta State either by electioneering campaigns, logistical supports and massive participations in the process.

With due respect to the other ethnic nationalities who at certain critical times in the political history of the state were ready to truncate the noble political arrangement that had worked and still working for the state. Our struggle is not against any particular ethnic nationality or political interests: Ours is a move for the sustainability of Peace, Progress, Equity and Justice for all indigenes of Delta state and Delta State.

All we’re asking now, is the GOVERNOR COME 2023. This, we believe is a Just and Noble demand. Let me be quick to say that, we’re not asking that quality and efficiency be sacrificed on the alter of sentiments, NO!!! The Ijaws of Delta state have men and women with proven track records proficiency and experience of government administration and political capabilities to effectively pilot the affairs of the state.

We want to call on the ruling party in the state, the PDP, the national ruling party, the APC and every other well meaning political party in Nigeria to collectively support and flag Ijaw candidates in the forthcoming 2023 State Government election.

One good turn deserves another. We’ve been loyal and committed over the years. We have the resources to deliver on the job. The Ijaws of Delta State are like the proverbial, Goose that lays the Golden Egg for both the state and the entire country.

Long Live, Izon nation!
Long Live, Delta State!!
Long Live, Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Comrade Mackson U. Ode.