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OLOKOYIBO!, By Asiayei Enaibo



like a prank, the way the two-headed snake moves  in Obubu Forest.
Here he stands, there he stands.
His voice was the strongest hope of many in the morning, so sonorous many made their contributions to move his armouries of sweet talks from Torumo-Ibe.

Yes, we all gathered at his Estate Build with same voice, when the Orobo- Ibe came for consultative visit. 
Did you know how he climbed to this throne? If you must follow a king, how wouldn’t you know when he was coronated?

Coming and going like the Kurobini during the Bowei season that almost took Gbekebor away to the ravaging sea, Okoloyibo is  coming.

His voice, whenever, he is for you, you double your commitment to please his envoy, his mouth is his power of success, His wisdom is his handwork, his knowledge is his power of wealth, his connection is his strength. His calculation is his future.

The siren was loud as those who knew him come running for safety.

Yes, he has to align and  torpedoed the Delta Ijaw race, yes, interest is paramount.
Let us stone the Abiku to death if you do not have interest of your own, then raise the stone to heaven as the multitude wanted to kill the prostitute in the Bible.

He is the New Abiku Wole Soyinka knows, yes, we must take positions firmly no matter the dead sentence, unlike the JP Clark Abiku without firm stand, fear the uncertainties of life.

In life and death, there must be interest, so let  us leave him to pass and prepare for tomorrow and allow OLOKOYIBO to enjoy his interest as the seasonal Akpolokpolo bird from Bobougbene Creeks.

You must know the Prime Minister whenever he comes.
Those who win are his friends and those who lose are his brothers, in the train of negotiation for such is politics as a game for the elites.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum.