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Niger Delta

Aghoro ll royal crisis: Angry elders, youths chase out dethroned highness, Ojukonsin



•Demand return of stolen money

By Timi Black

Aggrieved elders, women youths of Aghoro ll Community have chased out the dethroned highness Chief Ojukonsin Obiriki from the community after booing him.

The protesters while chasing out the ousted highness who entered the community at night also disbanded him from the community.

The community demanded a refund of the over 90million naira which he allegedly embezzled from the community treasury when he was on the throne.

According to the protesters, Chief Ojukonsin has been dethroned and should stop coming to the community at night.

The community protesters alleged that he came to the community at night to mastermind plot for another suspected looting with some evil character in the community.

They further stated that only evil people that enters a place at night and that he was chased out because his coming at night in the community was suspicious.

The community lamented: “This is someone who have not come to the community for the past 15years but suddenly he entered that Community at night and not even in the day after several months of his dethronement. His movement is suspicious and the only option was to boo and chase him out from the community”.

It was learnt that the former highness in the community Chief Ojukonsin, was humiliated and disgraced out from the community.