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Alleged militant camp attacks: Get ready, you’ll cry more – Ezekiel tells Okubor, Derimo, others



•Says the waterways security team is not deterred by the cries of criminal elements

•Insists more kidnappers’ dens will be destroyed

•Vows Okubor ‘ll not escape justice in the ongoing ‘operation flush out criminals’

Following the controversies surrounding the alleged invasion of suspected militants’ camp around Inikorogha community in Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo state by members of the Waterways and Surveillance security committee led by Gen. Godstime Ogidigba, SSA to Edo State governor, a rights activist Comrade Daniel Ezekiel has said that those ranting and weeping like bereaved persons for the recent destruction of alleged kidnappers den around Inikorogha community in Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State are accomplices of Okubor criminal deeds, adding that they are looking for public sympathy to cover their criminal activities.

This was contained in a press statement signed by himself which was sent to Congress newspaper on Tuesday. Comrade Ezekiel stated that more kidnappers dens of Okubor and his criminal gang would be destroyed in the riverine communities in the coming days.

•The waterways security team is not deterred by the cries of criminal elements

The rights advocate insisted that they(The security team) were not deterred by the cries of criminal elements in the Inikorogha community.

The statement reads: “I laughed when watching the kangaroo protest of some people and rant of one Derimo, all masterminded by their paymaster, Okubor. Well, you cannot beat a baby and expect him not to cry.
There is freedom of expression, after all, this is what democracy is all about, but it will not stop Hon. Godstime Ogidigba, second in command of waterways and surveillance from carrying out the mandate of the Edo state government, which is to sanitize the riverine area of criminal elements.
Before going further, let me give some timeline of criminal and oppressive activities of Okubor, Derimo and co in recent years”.

According to Ezekiel, “first, 12/11/2013, Ernest Ibinebi brutally murdered by Okubor at Inikorogha community and went away with his corpse which nobody has seen it up to this moment.

“Secondly, on 13/08/2019, Avaro was beaten by Okubo till he permanently lost one of his eyes.
“Thirdly, on 20/03/2020, China and their wife were chased out of the Inikorogha community by Okubo.

“Fourthly, on 10/12/2020, China Samuel brutally shot on his left leg at Inikorogha community because he refused to do Okubo’s bidding. Up to this moment, the boy has not been able to walk.

“Fifthly, 22/06/2021, Okubo directed Derimo to mobilise Gelegele women to sabotage Taskforce set up by Governor Godwin Obaseki to retrieve illegal logs hidden in the creek. When this failed, he (Okubo) and others stormed Inikorogha, destroyed Favour Oma Arigba’s house, chased him and his family out of the Inikorogha community because he worked with the Taskforce. On the same night of 22/06/2021, Derimo acting on the instruction of his terrorist leader, went to the marine jetty at Gelegele to scatter the seized woods.

“Six, on the 31/07/2021, the Amakosuwei, Pa Joseph Megbuwei, ( oldest and custodian of Inikorogha culture according to Ijaw tradition. He put in place an executive committee to run the affairs of the community but a few hours after this was done, Okubo, Derimo and their criminal gang beat up everybody how dare they do such a thing. Out of fear for his life, Amakosuwei fled to Benin City where he is at this moment.
13 of last month, Ebi Gable after the burial of his grandmother, Madam Victoria Potoki went to Inikorogha, on his arrival Okubo and his terrorist group numbering 40 ambushed the young man, made him sit on the floor, snapped him and threatened to kill him if he ever sees him in the community again. The matter has been reported at zone 5 police command.

Insists more kidnappers’ dens will be destroyed in riverine communities

However, Ezekiel said the governor of the state had disbanded vigilante activities in Inikorogha during his visit to the community, adding that those parading with arms in the name of vigilante were criminals and would be treated as such.

His words, “You are aware that His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki visited Inikorogha community, 04/03/2022, based on persistent petitions of my self and Godstime on various criminal acts in that axis. While in Inikorogha His Excellency gave an order which was widely carried by the media, that vigilante activities be disbanded.
To prove to Governor Godwin Obaseki that he, Okubo is in charge, he told his boys to ignore the number one citizen of the state directive and carry on with their lawlessness.
Godstime being SSA on Waterways and surveillance, and who is also from the area decided to go on patrol, only for Okubo, Derimo, senior man e.t.c to block the road with heavy timbers and ferociously opened fire on Godstime and his boys. At least you have seen the video, did you see Godstime with arms, rather you can see in the video the boys marching towards the criminals who are running away.

•Vows Okubor ‘ll not escape justice in the ongoing ‘operation flush out criminals’

He stressed that Okubor and others who parading as feudal lords in the Inikorogha community would not escape justice in what he described as an operation to flush out criminal elements in the Inikorogha community in the state.

Ezekiel added, “I heard Derimo crying like a baby that lost his candy that some so-called leaders should intervene, leaders my foot.
Where were these people when the above-outlined atrocities were going on?

“Pepe, Okubo’s younger brother that destroyed China’s leg with pump-action, 10/12/2020 is a chief in Olodiama, what disciplinary action did the clan or council of chiefs take against him ?, NONE, rather is now BUNCH of hypocrites are seeing oppression.
Godstime stand for justice!
Godstime stand against lawlessness and criminality!
Godstime stands for freedom and liberation of Ijaws of Inikorogha and other communities in the riverine area, this he shall do without caring whose ox is gored”, Ezekiel reiterated.

“Amid the shooting, Godstime succeeded in burning Okubo camp that is being used for kidnapping, and also arrested one of his boys, Henry Japhet who is now in police custody at the state command, Benin City.
What you heard Derimo and others shooting in the now-viral video is AK 47, what more do you need regards this terrorist activity in the riverine area”, he added.