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Alleged Ugborodo invasion: MK criminal gang in Ugborodo blackmailing Tompolo -IPDI



• Asks the public to disregard mischievous report

Foremost Ijaw rights group the Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI has debunked a purported report by the Movement For the Protection of the IWERE Homeland, Development and history, (MPIHDH ) alleging that High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo invaded UGBORODO community with armed militants.

IPDI, in a rejoinder described the report as frivolous, defamatory, libellous, malicious, mischievous and faceless, adding that it was criminal gang members of the notorious MK Mutu who hailed from Itsekiri that were blackmailing Tompolo.

According to the Ijaw group: “Our attention has been drawn to a frivolous, defamatory, libellous, malicious, mischievous and faceless report titled: “TOMPOLO’S INVASION OF UGBORODO COMMUNITY UNDER THE OVER LORDSHIP OF THE OLU OF WARRI: AN OPEN DECLARATION OF WAR”, a statement accredited to a charlatan and lackadaisical Movement For the Protection of the IWERE Homeland, Development and history, (MPIHDH ) where the authors alleged, under the influence of drugs and alcohol that our revered leader, Tompolo invaded UGBORODO community with militants bearing arms.

The statement reads:”Ordinarily, it is not our style to respond to every dick and harry parading under fictitious identity but the need for the response is necessitated for the purpose of the record as regards the wild misinformation and twisting of facts canvassed in the faceless report.

The rejoinder which was tagged:”TOMPOLO NEVER INVADED UGBORODO, OTHER ITSEKIRI COMMUNITIES. DISREGARD SUCH MISCHIEF PEDDLED BY SOME ITSEKIRI INDIGENES” date 11th November, 2021 was signed by the group’s National leader, Comrade Ozobo Austin.

IPDI insisted that Tompolo never invaded UGBORODO community and there was no truth about the report, stressing it should be disregarded.

The group reiterated: “We make bold to state that it is only insane, and people suffering from dementia that could author such a concocted and beriberi write up, as there was no time TOMPOLO invaded UGBORODO community with militants, a purported incident the security operatives are not aware of. This is a mischief. It is inciting and provocative. The falsehood carriers should be wary of the implications of their action.

“It is shameful that the authors refused to disclose what Itsekiri have done to Tompolo to warrant him to have invaded UGBORODO community. They failed to tell the public the date and how many houses were burnt during the invasion. They failed to disclose how many persons were killed in the invasion and these make their entire writeup useless and baseless.

“It is shocking that this is coming from a revered Itsekiri kingdom, as such is a complete rascality which is capable of beating the ember of discord. We felt Itsekiri would applaud Tompolo for chasing away and disarming suspected notorious criminal gang terrorizing UGBORODO community and other parts of Warri South West and North Local Government Areas and their waterways” they explained.

“It should be noted that genuine people do not hide face and identity when they make bold statements. But for the fact that the writers failed to indicate their identities shows that they may be members of MK criminal gang who were terrorising the waterways. It is only insanity that will make such wild allegation without taking recourse to the implications. This is a mischief making and could only have been perpetrated by criminal elements. This could be a ploy to distract security agents and Tompolo of their efforts to get rid of criminality in the waterways but Tompolo is too big to be distracted by this cheap blackmails.

“However, it could have been better Itsekiri comes out to say MK invaded UGBORODO community, because we have heard of stories of that nature in that area in the recent times, but using that to blackmail an innocent man is provocative and unacceptable.

“Itsekiri is a kingdom of refined people. But if these charlatan characters are the people holding brief for Itsekiri kingdom, it means something is wrong somewhere. Tompolo is a peace loving man. He has demonstrated it in several fronts in this resolve. Don’t peddle mischief about a person because of your primordial hatred for the person.

“It is no longer a news that UGBORODO creek has been a hub of criminals and were cleared of criminal elements by security operatives in the recent times. We wish to state that the Itsekiris who are sponsoring and harbouring criminals are blackmailing Tompolo to create a room for their nefarious activities should know that there was no time Tomololo invaded UGBORODO Community.

“It is correct to state that those faceless Itsekiri marauders could be members of MK gang that killed soldiers and ran away with the military gun boat. Also suspected to be part of criminals who killed about 5 of Egbema peace Corp members. They should know that there is no hiding place for them no matter highly placed they are.

“Again, the cheap blackmailers said Tompolo hates Itsekiri. This is funny, but well-meaning Itsekiris know how much Tompolo loves Itsekiri kingdom. He never hated Itsekiri. Except Itsekiri kingdom is expressing hatred for the man for no cause. Don’t declare innocent man your enemy. One thing we know is that the sound of the evil drum will not sound. We are beginning to see the voice of Jacob with the hand of Esau.
We doubt whether this is really a voice from Itsekiri.

The group maintained: “It should be noted again that Tompolo is not contesting for governorship, neither has preferred aspirant in Delta governorship race as insinuated by the Itsekiri blackmailers. Except such faceless criminals are poor students of history, it is the Ijaws that helped the minority Itsekiri to produce governor in 2007. If truly one good turn deserves another, we should be applauded and those criminals should shut up their mouths and hide their faces in shame.

“It is worthy of note that the Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom is a revered king and should be addressed properly. The Itsekiri sponsored voices should be guided because the manner you address people’s king, that will be the way your king will be addressed also” IPDI asserted.

“It should be also noted that Sarabuowei Community is not an Itsekiri settlement. Historically, Sarabuowei is an Ijaw deity worshipped by Gbaramatu kingdom from time immemorial. The name of the settlement was named after the deity which is still worshipped till date. Therefore Itsekiri trouble makers and blackmailers be warned.

“In conclusion, we want to state unequivocally that well-meaning Itsekiri leaders should call the Iwere group to order to avoid animosity among Itsekiri kingdom and Ijaws of Delta State as we will not take it likely if this madness continues”, the group warned.