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Ayakoromo youths mark Major Oroso’s remembrance in grand-style



By Enekorogha Godbless
&Teide Emomotimi

Ayakoromo Youth Movement (AYM), a social-cultural movement in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State led by Comrade Ekioatonye Stanley organised a social fiesta in remembrance of their late patron, father and brother, Major God’spower Douglas Oroso, alias Ekpele.

The event was held in the community youth hall which was singlehandedly built by late Oroso before he was called by his creator God Almighty.

Some of the dignitaries who were present at the occasion include the chairman of the community, Comrade Ebibofa Momoh, chief Okpe Oyakemeagbegha the chairman of the day, Hon. Comr. Ozobo Austin, SA to the governor of Delta state represented by Comrade Teide Emomotimi, John Ambrose, Kenere Boss Eniye, Comrade Enekorogha Godbless and several other youths from the community were all present at the event.

The chairman of the occasion, chief Okpe Oyakemeagbegha,
in his opening remark appreciated dignitaries and others who were present at the ceremony despite their tight schedules.

He noted, “I want to appreciate and thank every one of you who have come to grace this occasion. I must appreciate and congratulate the selfless effort of the youth president and his exco in the community for coming up with such a wonderful idea of organizing a social fiesta in remembrance of late Major God’spower Douglas Oroso on this day, 25th April 2022. However, I am not pleased with the number of persons and dignitaries present at the occasion.

The statement reads: “this suppose to be an occasion that should have involved all aborigines from Ayakoromo federated community. However, I am not pleased with the number of dignitaries who honour the social fiesta organized in remembrance of our brother, son, father and uncle late major God’spower Douglas Oroso.”

At the same time, Pastor Honey Kokole, the General Overseer of Christ the Savior Ministry of Ayakoromo federated community spoke on the importance of fulfilling dreams in life.

He narrated: “Late major God’spower Douglas Oroso has fulfilled is dream on earth that was why he was remembered today even after 13-years of his death on earth. What will the Youths of this community remember you with when you are gone?

The chairman of the community, Comrade Richard Ebibofa Momoh posited that he was not elated with the way the youths of the community organised the event without informing the community about the event.

He asserted: “I was not properly informed about the great event taking place today, it was this morning when I was preparing to grace the occasion that I was informed that my picture was in the flyer publicized by the youths of the community.”

Another dignitary that lamented the poor turnout of the social fiesta was the immediate past ATECO chairman of the community, John Ambrose. He said a significant fiesta like this shouldn’t be organized this way.

However, Ambrose advised the youths to be of good behaviour and avoid cultism, prostitution and other ungodly social vices that would jeopardize their future.

He further maintained that if late major God’spower Douglas Oroso was involved with such devilish acts he wouldn’t have been remembered today.

Also speaking, Mrs Preye Jerome Demebide, late Major God’spower’s niece, stated that she was elated and excited that her uncle, Late Major God’spower was remembered by the youths of the Ayakoromo community for his philanthropic, benevolent, kind-hearted and selfless effort in the the the the the unifying and ensuring the progress of the youths of the community when he was alive. She further pleaded with the youths to pass quick information to the family next time when planning such a programme.

In this regard, the dogged youth president, Comrade Ekioatonye Stanley and his exco kowtow and appreciated everyone especially dignitaries who graced the occasion of their late patron God’spower Douglas Oroso.

He asserted: “Words can’t express or describe my gratitude towards everyone here who has made this programme a success, my prayer is that God Almighty will bless you all beyond human imaginations.

“I want to also use this medium to appreciate everyone here who has supported this programme financially.”

However, a football competition was organized to mark the end of the programme. In the two quarters which qualified for the final, Assesabiri and Tamukunou performed extremely well.
During the match the Assesabiri quarter scored a goal which the referee cancelled, saying it wasn’t a goal. Meanwhile, fans of the two quarters said it was a goal. The decision made by the referee almost caused a commotion between the players of both quarters.

In the second half of the match, the referee gave a penalty in favour of the Assesabiri quarter but the Tamukunou quarter stopped the latter from playing the penalty. This led to a strong disagreement between both parties and their fans in the community.

The argument during the game led to the abrupt end of the football match. There was no clear winner announced following the disagreement.

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