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Celebrating Meritorious Services of Late Amakosowei, Pawuru of Inikorogha, Tributes, Commendations




By Stephen Asaba-ase

The departed patriarch, Chief Joseph Megbuwe Pawuru, the erstwhile Amakosowei of Inikorogha community in Ovia South West local government area of Edo State, who served his people meritoriously and diligently before boarding his flight to the land of the dead has received accolades and commendations during funeral services.

However, loved ones and members of his family and community poured out charming tributes to the departed patriarch to commiserate his uncommon service to mankind.

A son of the late Amakosowei, Gideon Megbuwe wrote, “there is an end to every journey in life, Daddy! You choose a life of selflessness, a life of dedication and generosity, and forever, we will always cherish those great moments and experiences you shared and left behind for the rest of our lives, sleep well Area minister till we meet to part no more.

An uncle to late Amakosowei, BRAIYE MEGBUWE also described the departed patriarch as “THE GENERAL OF THE PEOPLE’S ARMY.

He wrote, “From childhood I have known this fact of life that every man born of a woman must know tears and laughter, disappointment and exuberance. Even many saints have testified to a “dark night of the soul” When the candle flames go off gradually and quietly. But no great man dies twice. He was a hero and true heroes will forever arise out of the dust and ashes. He may not have been a cherub but definitely not far from a seraph. He was a ready adviser to everyone that came across his way. Indeed “AREA!” You were a great uncle you lived a very remarkable and outstanding life worthy of emulation. One thing I take solace in, is that: the righteous is protected by heaven! Good Night Area Ministers”. This is highly poetry and convincing. Truly the falling hero has left a legacy worthy of emulation. This piece alone gives the assurances that the late Amakosowei is resting in the Lord.

Another exciting episode came from Mr KOKOMA ARIGBA who described the departed patriarch as an ‘UNCLE and FRIEND!

He wrote, “My uncle, My Friend, Today, I bid farewell to my great Area Minister (as he was fondly called by the family) keep resting in the bosom of the Lord for I strongly believe your good works will speak for you in Jesus Name Amen. Sleep on Daddy till we meet to part no more.

In his tribute, Mr ATIGA MEGBUWE an uncle to the late Amakosowei referred to him as A DISCIPLINARIAN.

He said, “In every stage of life, there is a psychological barrier one must overcome. Sometimes, we are compelled by Mother Nature to see it, feel it and hear it. The Law of expression depicts that every thought causes a physical reaction in the body. Now my fears are much. This simply shows that my body will continue to react over the death of a great uncle Chief.J. Megbuwe. A renowned Business man and a successful politician. An adviser to the underprivileged. A motivator and lover of youth, Good Night my friend till we meet to part no more. I will always love and cherish your ideals.

Meanwhile, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel salutes the departed patriarch. He wrote, we celebrate you for a life well spent, Papa!. I would have been tempted to say you won’t have died now considering your charming wealth of experience but I quickly remembered that you deserved rest after labouring for 99 years. You were a true father and leader in the Inikorogha community. We celebrate you even at your death. I have never disappointed in you especially my coming to know you in a few times. You will be forever remembered. Though, you have gone but your good works will continue to live. Adieu Papa!

The thrilling tributes continue, God’stime Agidigba, SSA to the Edo State governor on Waterways Security and Surveillance, wrote” You were fondly called Area Minister. You were one person that have never compromised truth, you were fearless. You speak to authorities and confront powers with all boldness. You were courageous and contributor of the success and peace in Inikorogha community. We love you even when you have died. Ijaw nation, Inikorogha community, your family and loved ones will forever miss you, rest in peace, Adieu Papa !