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Citizens blame security agents and stakeholders for insecurity in Bayelsa



By Teide Emomotimi

Following the recent uprising of security challenges in Bayelsa state, concerned citizens have continued to blame the security agents and stakeholders for the increase in such criminal activities in the state.

The concerned citizens lamented that the increasing level of criminal activities in the state if not timely checked, people would no longer walk freely on the streets.

According to a report by Comr. Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli, there is hardly a day that passes without news of killings, armed robbery, sea piracy, kidnapping, rape and other forms of criminalities perpetrated against innocent, armless and defenceless Bayelsans and other residents.

“Prevalent reports show that Bayelsa State is now a haven for criminals from several states. The government of the day may not be comfortable with this truth but it is a reality that we must do something to mitigate it,” Ukuli added.

He, however, called for a launch of a Special Security Program which should be Code Named ‘OPERATION CLEAN UP BAYELSA’ to tame the security uprising in the state, adding that the existing Special Security Operatives, like Operation Doo Akpo, had lost value and does not have what it takes to rid off crime in the state.

When contacted, the police spokesman of the state, DSP Butswat Asinim said it was not true that security agents are not doing their job, adding that some culprits have been arrested over such criminal activities.

He continues, “based on statistics and facts on the ground, Bayelsa state is one of the most peaceful states in Niger Delta. The police are doing all they can to make the state a peaceful place for residents. We have only recorded a few criminal cases and some arrests have been made, and we will continue to intensify efforts to ensure Bayelsa remained peaceful,” he asserted.