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Congress! we lead, others follow, keep the date 4th March at Bon Hotel, Warri



The new brand, Congress newspaper will be unveiled on the March 4, 2022 at Bon Hotel in the oil city of Warri, Delta State.

Congress is a paper built on integrity, credibility and public trust. In spite of the fact that many hate truth in the present day society, few still want to hear the truth. The ‘truth’ advocates are still regarded in the other climes of life.

As a publishing company, we crave to be among the few truth tellers, even if it has some implications as a business firm.

Please like us for the truth told and disprove our lies at all times, so that the truth can be resurrected once again in our modern society.

Love Congress! Like Congress! Support Congress!!!.

Hope to see you at Bon Hotel, Warri NPA expressway, Delta state on Friday 4th March, 2022.