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Delta 2023: If one good turn deserves another, Delta North will support Ijaw governorship -Ozobo



Delta 2023: If one good turn deserves another, Delta North will support Ijaw governorship -Ozobo

By Timi Black
Chief Correspondent

Popular rights Chief and orator of Ijaw people, Comrade Ozobo Austin has said that Delta North would support Ijaw governorship if one good turn deserves another, adding that there was no going back for the Ijaw governorship agenda.

The rights advocate argued that Urhobo who had produced Ibru and Ibori as democratic governors should wait till 2031 and allow their Ijaw neighbours who have not produced a governor since the creation of the state to produce the next governor.

Ozobo maintained, in a press statement signed by himself that the Urhobos murdered the purported gentleman zoning agreement by attempting to stop Delta North from producing the governor in 2015 which by such arrangement assumed to be Delta North’s turn.

He stressed, “Had it been the Urbobos won the governorship in 2015, ‘who would have been talking about zoning?”

The statement reads, “Delta Central should shun sentiment and work for the collective interest of the state. You see, when it will favour them, they say no zoning but when it will not favour them, they talk about zoning. This is not good for the collective interest of the state.

“It is on record that the massive move of the Delta central to DPP and now APC was the desperation to seize the governorship seat to Delta Central, despite the purported gentleman zoning. This makes Delta central to lack power to argue zoning. Some thing you don’t believe and you are hypocritical demanding it, is not fear.

“The then governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan was pressured to abandon late Tony Obuh from Delta North for Edevibe, an aspirant in Delta Central, why should it be so if there is truly a zoning arrangement? If they do not like Tony, it should have been replaced with someone in Delta North since it was zoned to them and not to replace Tony with someone from another senatorial districts which the governorship has not been zoned to.

“This is the reason why we contended that Okowa never won election in 2015 by zoning arrangement, he sought and won with the help of God,” he noted.

“The proverb of one good turn deserves another simply means, if someone does you a favour, you should take the chance to repay it.

“I strongly know that Delta North political elite and traditional rulers are aware of Ijaw nation’s vehement supports during their days of tribulation, anguish, nightmare, the cankerworm, caterpillar and catastrophe.

“We stood for them in 2015 and 2019 when the storm was raging to ensure they produce a governor and have uninterrupted two tenures.

“The man that gives you flesh to eat, you don’t return the bone to him, it is a taboo. Except that man is an ungrateful servant.

“Delta North can’t betray Ijaw nation at this point, they will still need Ijaw cooperation some days,” he added.