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Delta 2023: Ijaws seek support as Urhobo youths visit Ijaw youth leaders



By Timi Black, WARRI

• Ijaw, Urhobo youths demand end to recycling of non-performing politcians

• Seek appointment of youths into key political positions

Following the consultative visit to Ijaw youths and key stakeholders by Urhobo youths, under the umbrella of Delta Central Young Leaders 2023 at Ogbe-Ijoh community, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, the Ijaw youth leaders and key stakeholders have also appealed to the Urhobo youths’ lobby group to support Ijaw governorship come 2023.

The Ijaw youth leaders and key stakeholders appreciated the Urhobo youth’s lobby group for deeming it fit to pay them a consultative visit to seek Ijaw youths support for Uhrobo governorship.

Congress gathered that the Urhobo youths, on their visit earlier solicited Ijaw Youths support for Urhobo governorship come 2023.

The Urhobo group which was led by Chief Isaac Emomedia (chairman), appealed to Ijaw youths to support Delta Central to produce the next governor of the state in 2023.

The spokesperson of the group, Chief Joseph Oyibode, JP, the current commissioner, representing Urbobo in Delta State oil Producing Area Development Commission, DESOPADEC, made the appeal during the visit to Ijaw youths and key stakeholders in Ogbe-Ijoh community on Saturday.

Chief Oyibode, said: “We came with two messages, one to appeal to Ijaw youths to support Delta Central 2023. Secondly, to synergize with Ijaw to ensure the next governor of the state should be a youth. We have visited Itsekiri youths and Isoko youths to appeal to them. Now we are here to appeal to our Ijaw youth leaders.”

He stressed: “There is a rotational bargain in Delta State, though it is not written. The Itsekiri attested to it. They said if it were not the rotational bargain, they wouldn’t have produced Uduaghan as governor of the state. Ibori ruled for 8years; thereafter, Uduaghan ruled another 8years, and today, Okowa is now the governor from Delta North as a result of the zoning.

However, the rotation has been completed, by Okowa becoming a governor from Delta North. But it is wise that the rotation should begin from the Delta Central come 2023. This is the reason why we are here.

“Again, we can’t fight for those who have been in power since 1999. It is the time for the youths to takeover power. It is the youths that do every work during elections but when time for appointment comes, they are sidelined. The next governor should be a youth within the age brackets of 45 and 55 years. We have been serving these old politcians but we can’t continue to serve them come 2023. We must think about it, else we will end up serving their children.

“We are here to beg seriously that Delta Central should be allowed to produce the next governor of the state. Then, after Delta Central, Ijaw from Delta South can takeover power and the Urhobos are there to support Ijaw to produce governor after 2023. We thank governor Okowa for encouraging youths in Delta State. Okowa is the only governor that has seen the need to include youth in the governance of the state and we are grateful. We want this to continue after 2023.”

The spokesperson of the Ijaw youth leaders and key stakeholders, Eric Omare, Esq, former president of Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, welcomed the Urbobo Youths lobby group, and also thanked them for coming to discuss such an important issues with the Ijaw youths.

In his response on behalf of Ijaw youths and key stakeholders, Eric said: “We are delighted that you brought two important messages to discuss with Ijaw youths. The appeal for Urbobo governorship and Youth governor come 2023. From midwest, Bendel to Delta State, our fathers said Urhobo are Ijaw political allies. It is a fact that Ijaw supported Ibru and Ibori from Delta Central to rule as governors in Delta State, before 1999 and after 1999. Ijaw also strongly supported Uduaghan to become governor in 2015, and during his reelection and the Ijaw role for governor Okowa cannot be overemphasized.

“As we all know, Ijaw nation has been supportive to her neighbours politically and otherwise before and after 1999. We thank and appreciate you for coming. But it would not be out of place if Urhobo find the need to support Ijaw governorship come 2023”

He further explained that all key ethnic nationalities in the state had produced governor at various times but only Ijaw nation is yet to produce governor in the state. Omare, “I repeat my appeal to you as my Urhobo youths to support Ijaw governorship come 2023”

Omare added: “Young men taking over power is generally an accepted issue. It is an issue that every youth has been lamenting about. The issue, as I think it is not really the age but the impact of the person contesting on deltans over the years. And the role the youth should play to be significant in 2023 election is what I think should be taken serious. It is of general interest because if we fail to make youth significant in the state come 2023, we will continue to be a social media errand boys and girls.

He further noted:”Before, for a youth to be in government was a problem but governor Okowa made it possible. Today, lots of youths are in government. But it is still our appeal that youths should be appointed into key positions in the state.”

The Urhobo youths lobby group, Ijaw youth leaders and key stakeholders agreed that the incoming administration should appoint youths into key positions in the state.The youth groups appealed against recycling of appointment of aged politicians in the state, adding that recycling of non-performing politcians was the cause of underdevelopment and economic woes in the state.However, the Urhobo youths delegation comprised, Chief Isaac Emomedia, chairman, God’spower Emerho, secretary, Chief Joseph Oyibode, (JP)leader and Commissioner Urbobo Nationality, DESOPADEC, Chief Francis Ariyo, adviser, Chief Sam Oghertomo, Chief Kelly, Chief Tonwei, Comrade Okoloko Paul, CSO, to( DESOPADEC Commissioner, Chief Oyibode), Comrade Atoitoto, Festus Black, president of (Delta State Community youths) and others.While the Ijaw youth leaders and key stakeholders who received the Urhobo youths lobby group were; Amb. Godday Smith, alias, king of the forest, Eric Omare, Esq, Chief Friday Egbegbe, Comrade Hon. Ozobo Austin, Chief Stanley Yangaboy, Comrade Emma Akpule, Chief Boro Lambert, High Chief Andabofa PH Opunamah, Chief Akpowaide, Chief Etimigba, Mr Ogbofa, Comrade Tobusi Tina, IYC national women leader, Comrade Frank Pukon, IYC National secretary, Chief Oduma Olakpa, Chief Joseph Esimokumo, ThankGod Tamarakiriowei, Esq, SSA youth, Chief Frank Akiafa, Alex Akemeotu, SSA, Comrade Napoleon Kenerekedi, Mr. Timi Akuna, Ogulagha federated Youths president, Miyenpriyigha Ebidouwei, Egbema Youth president, Mr. Olu Derimo, all IYC clan chairmen and others.