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Delta 2023: Loyibo is insignificant in Ijaw politics, his betrayal antics are inconsequential -Group



The alleged self-acclaimed traditional prime minister of Tuomo kingdom, Chief Mike Loyibo has come under a serious attack over his romance with Delta central senatorial districts to produce the next governor of the state.

The Ijaw Political Youths Movement, IPYM, has said Chief Loyibo is not a political leader among Delta Ijaws, adding that his claim of being an Ijaw leader in Delta South is fake and should be disregarded.

The group in a statement, by its spokesman Desmond Fiyawei said Chief Loyibo was betraying Ijaw nation, and he should be aware of the consequences.

IPYM narrated that Loyibo is very insignificant in Delta Ijaw politics and that he does not have the power to speak on behalf of Ijaw people, adding that his purported endorsements and blabbing were inconsequential.

“He is a man with no identity, people with no verifiable identity can’t speak for Ijaw nation”, the group asserted.

“We know know him to be a gold digger, we don’t know him to be a man of influence, a man who can’t contest common community election and win in his community, cannot offer any meaningful support to any aspirant as claimed.

The group said no self-styled person under any branding had the power to impose unpopular candidate on Deltans as governor.

They maintained that people with unstable characters and with poor integrity were parading for self-gratification, adding that the public should be aware of them.

The group further said: “It is worrisome and a pity that people like Loyibo is now assuming the position of Delta South senatorial Ijaw political leader when the likes of Pa Clark, James Manager, Government Ekpemupolo, God’sday Orubebe, Broderick Bozimo, Kingsley Otuaro, Dr. Braduce Angozi, JT government, Commander Biakpara, Solomon Funkekeme, Frank Enekorogha, Julius Pondi, Julius Takeme, Basil Ganagana, Prof. Okaba and others are still much active in politics.

“It is a pity that Sheriff Oborevwori has been swindled and blindfolded to believe the masquerading inconsequential elements”, the group asserted.

“If the likes of Loyibo are the crops of followers Sheriff Oborevwori is banking on for victory, it is just unfortunate. A political aspirant will gain more support, if he is surrounded by good people, but with some of these crops of criminal elements around will demarket him. People we don’t even know where they schooled, and when they graduated. People we don’t know where they have worked before, which political office they have hold before, can’t market any candidate. We will call EFCC to probe their sources of money very soon.

“It is another failed propaganda that Loyibo is a coordinator of Ijaw governorship agenda, who appointed him and when was that. There is no Forum called Delta South Political Leadership and Stakeholders Forum in Delta South. If it is true that Loyibo is a coordinator of Ijaw governorship agenda, then what makes him to abandon the Ijaw cause to pursuit a path of betrayal.

“There is nothing like prime minister in the Africa practice of traditional institutions. In a parliamentary system of government which practiced by the great Britain, the prime minister is the head of government. As being claim if he is the prime minister, then the king is what, president?. This is why James Manager said fake people are making fake endorsements.

“It is a fallacy where he said it was himself and some group of persons that presented Sheriff to Okowa as preferred aspirant in the Delta governorship race. It was after the purported endorsement of Sheriff by the governor that is when they started scheming and parading for cheap recognition.

“It is shameful that Loyibo does not see anything wrong when Delta central was contest all the governorship elections in the state. He failed to advice them that their actions will heat up the polity. He is meddlesome interloper, looking for cheap recognition. His activities from onset are fake, that is a known fact about him.

“Loyibo is a window dresser and also a gold digger, in some moments he was with deputy governor, Kingsley Otuaro, after licking much honey, he moved to pinched tent with James Aguoye, James Manager, thereafter he moved to Kenneth Gbagi, and now with Sheriff Oborevwori, is this not very funny about him. Sheriff should shine his eyes. He is interested about Sheriff pocket.

“The issues of rotation has been laid to rest, I don’t know what this guy is talking about. Which country is this guy is coming from? Was he asleep, now waking from his slumber?. This is a clear move of betrayal. There is no better aspirant than the ones we are seeing in Ijaw land. He should tell the public who are the good persons than the current Ijaw aspirants.

“Ijaw aspirants are committed to the cause, and there is nothing they are negotiating for, rather than the governorship position.

“Manager is one of the best hands to Mann Delta state as governor, being very experienced and equiped, and he is very focused and determined to serve Deltans.

“The Ijaw gods and ancestors will go after ever betrayer and give them an open disgrace, the group asserted.