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Delta Riverine communities express relief over the death of notorious pirate leader, MK Mutu



ABUJA -Riverine Communities of Warri North Local Government Area of Delta state have expressed relief over the death of the notorious pirate leader Mutu mone, alias, MK who was terrorizing the riverine parts of the state.

It was gathered that the dreaded criminal, MK and his gang had continue to harass and subject the indigenes of riverine Communities in Warri North and Warri South West Local Government Areas of Delta state to untold hardship.

His notorious activities include killing of innocent people, Kidnapping and robbery. He made life unbearable for the locals. It became a point indigenes of the area no longer go to fishing and trading expeditions. Transporters also quit the waterways in fear of being a prey to the notorious MK gang.

The notorious gangster at first invaded the camp of the Egbema peace corps at sonny zero Community and killed one corps member after wounding several persons on June 2021.

The same gangster and his cohorts at the same June killed about two soldiers and escaped with the military gunboat and other weapons.


This made the military from Koko divisions to invade Riverine Communities in Warri North Local Government Area and declared one week curfew on the waterways.

The military subjected the locals to acute hunger and hardship as movement was restricted on the waterways.

This provoked the Egbema peace corps to go after MK unprepared, where four of the corps members were ambushed and killed in Delta State on July 2021.

This culminated a manhunt on him and his gang by security operatives. He flee to Ondo and Lagos states when the manhunt intensified and only to return to Delta creeks last week thinking the manhunt had subsided.

However, his return to perpetrate crime in Abigborodo creek in Warri South West was noticed and the security operatives and Tompolo men swing into action and immediately blocked the two entrances of the creek.

There was an earlier shootout between the notorious gang, security operatives and Tompolo men at Friday night. The gangsters retreated to the creek due to the overwhelming fire power of the security operatives.

But on Sunday night the group reinforced to attack security operatives and Tompolo men, but unfortunately luck ran out of them and the gang was brought down on Sunday gun duel.

A community youth leader, Comrade Governor Ekpokeme who spoke to Congress correspondent in Abuja on Wednesday said there is now a sigh of fresh air, following the death of the notorious pirate leader MK Mutu.

Comrade Ekpokeme, said the notorious pirate leader MK Mutu was a great threat to peace in Egbema kingdom.

He said the gangster threat made security operatives to continue to harass and intimidate residents of the kingdom unlawfully.

He however, appreciated God almighty, Tompolo, Security operatives, Egbema peace corps and others who made frantic efforts to clampdown the dreaded criminal gang.