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Democracy award: Voting commences April 1



•Obasanjo, Buhari, Abdulsalami, Jonathan, others to be honoured

By Timi Black
Chief Correspondent

Nigerians to begin voting for the dividends of Democracy award designed to celebrate and honour political leaders who are performing their roles by way of delivering the dividends of democracy to their people at various levels.

The project director of the programme, Mr Rufus Obas in a press statement said the awards are of four categories, Legacy awards for all present serving Politicians from all 774 LGA’S, Governors, Senators, Ministers etc–all awards are based on Transparency, Accountability, Integrity and Leadership abilities.

He stated that former presidents Olusegun Obasanjo, Abdulsalami Abubarkar, Goodluck Jonathan, and current president Muhammadu Buhari and others would be honoured at the event which will hold in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

He described the second award as Role Models of Democracy Awards–past political office holders from 1999 that have made a great impact in providing benefits to the people. Thirdly award for Service to the people– those to be included; intervention agencies that fill the gaps for reaching out to the grassroots like NDDC etc.

Mr Obas narrated further that the essence of any good government is to work side by side with its citizens to provide laws and policies that safeguard the people, as well as create a conducive environment for the citizens to realise their dreams.

He noted, ” there are different strata of government but in Nigeria, we run a democratic system where representatives and leaders are elected by the people for some time for those elected to manage and direct the affairs of the state or their constituents.

“There is this saying that if you want to get more from anyone appreciate and thank them and they will give you more, it is in this regard that we want to appreciate, celebrate and honour all the Politicians who deserve to be celebrated on merit through hard work, and their sacrifices to bringing benefits to the Nigerian people since 1999 to 2022.

“‘Those who bear the burden of Government should enjoy its benefits also. This project: Dividend of Democracy Awards Nigeria is put together to celebrate famous men and women who have impacted lives and society. Nigerians are expected to vote through our Online for any politician of their choice based on Transparency, Accountability, Integrity and Leadership abilities and being friendly to their people, initiating programs and policies and making contributions to society.

“This process will select and encourage the best politicians that will emerge to do more, also serve as a Score Card just as pupils in schools after their examinations where they are either promoted or demoted according to their skills and abilities, so also for these few good men and women to be given another chance by their performance.

“The selection is decided by the Nigerian populace of all walks of life, hence it is called THE PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS and it is made so easy that you don’t need a voters card to be eligible to cast a vote and you can vote at the comfort of your homes from anywhere and anytime you chose to vote but remember if you don’t vote out the bad eggs you lose The Right to complain when things go wrong.

“The voting commences on 1st April 2022. The award is in various categories. THE LEGACY Award is for all current serving political office holders from the 774 LGA’S, Governors, Ministers, States and National Assembly members. There are also the Role Models of Democracy Awards for past political office holders, elected or appointed who made an impact on lives and society. There is the Special Recognition Awards for past leaders who believed in the Democratic values and process in championing and sustaining the peoples mandate from 1999 till date giving credit to Abdulsalami Abubakar who started the process as Our Hero of Democracy Award, Olusegun Obasanjo is recognized as the Father of NIGERIA Democracy and Goodluck Jonathan as the Life Time Peace Advocate Award and His Excellency Buhari Muhammadu who believes in keeping NIGERIA as one United Nation.

“Others in this category are Femi Falana, The Peoples advocate…
The Award is slated for 27th July in Abuja in what promises to be the Biggest Awards event for 2022 as all famous men and women who had contributed to the progress of this country will be there, while the best Comedians, Musicians and Groups shall entertain to make the event a most memorable one.
Donations and contributions are open as proceeds will feed and clothe, give scholarships and grants to small and medium scale businesses across the 6 Geo-political Zones of the country to enjoy the benefits of Democracy. Every Donor’s name will be published in some National Newspapers Online and on our website.”

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