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DTHA 2023: Group canvasses support for Asupa, appeals to Burutu delegates to give him massive votes



By Anita Godfrey

The Ijaw Political Watchdog Organization has called on Burutu PDP stakeholders and delegates to massively vote Hon. Asupa Forteta to represent the good people of Burutu North Constituency in the Delta state House of Assembly come May 18.

This was made available to Congress correspondent in Warri Delta by its president Comrade Paul Akpowaide on Tuesday’s night.

The group asserted that Asupa had delivered on his compaign promises during his first term of representating the Burutu North people in the State Assembly.

According to the group: “Dear delegates of Burutu North Constituency, Hon.Asupa Forteta Peter is the only qualified aspirant to represent Burutu North in Delta State Assembly for more infrastructural and human capital developments.

“Hon.Asupa has done much to change the narrative of Burutu North Constituency from political oppression and deprivation.

“Hon.Asupa has demonstrated it so clear to everyone to see and feel the impact of a true legislator in Delta State House of Assembly. He has the capacity to influence and execute project.

“I believe strongly that every delegate who voted for Asupa for the first term greatly enjoyed his first outing in the state House of Assembly. So do the same and continue to feel the positive impact of a good progress in our Constituency.

“Don’t give your vote to someone that will mortgage our future and your unborn generations.

“Don’t vote someone that will not have regard for you at the end of victory.

“Don’t give your vote to someone that will suddenly forget you after victory”, the group urged delegates.

“The only octopus of the universe who keeps his promise and act according to his promises”, the group added.

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