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ECOWAS: Nigeria loses African Brothers due to Western Allies- Sehu



By Hannah Nathan, Warri


The heads of the three Sahelian countries reportedly revealed this in a joint statement on Sunday.


Remember that Niger and Mali were subject to harsh penalties, and all three of them were expelled from ECOWAS.


The decision to withdraw “without delay” from the Economic Community of West African States was made “sovereignly,” according to the military juntas.



The former politician, however, claimed that the event represented the collapse of discourse and diplomacy.



“The Withdrawal of Mali, Niger Republic and Burkina Faso from Ecowas is a serious setback for West Africa.


“It signifies the failure of diplomacy and dialogue. We lost our African blood brothers because of our Western conditional friends.


“We sacrificed our hands to keep our wristwatches,” Sani wrote on his X handle.

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