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Edo Riverside Communities Congratulate New Deputy governor, Omobayo, Commend Obaseki




By Stephen Asaba-ase

The Coalition of Edo Coastal Communities in jollification have congratulated Marvellous Omobayo on his new appointment as the new Deputy Governor, and however, commended Governor Obaseki for the progressive and youth inclusiveness in his administration.

According a press statement signed by Ipikumoh Godfrey Owei, National Coordinator, Hon. Samuel Pune Uroupa, National Secretary, and Comrade Ezekiel Daniel, Spokesman on 9th April 2024, expressed their euphoria over the appointment of Marvellous Omobayo as the new Deputy Governor in Edo State.

While the newly appointed Deputy Governor was expressing his unwavering dedication to work diligently with Governor Obaseki to ensure a successful second term and ensure youth progress and empowerment programmes, the Coalition of the Coastal Communities was also basking at the resounding appointment in the Coast line.

The coalision yesterday announced their shock for the unimagined appointment which was presided over by the Chief Justice of the State, JP Daniel Okungbowa and Omobayo eventual sworn in as the Deputy Governor.

The Coastal Communities group buoyed the appointment of Omobayo as a resounding mantra of ‘Youth O’clock’ which echoes and resonate in the fabrics of the riverine dwellers, henced viewed the appointment as a positive transformation of youth empowerment in Edo State.

“It is a prophecy fulfilled, testifying to the attentiveness of our amiable governor, who has continuously elevated young individuals to esteemed positions, listening to the constructive cries of the Edolites,”

However it’s imperative to dispel the misconception that today’s youths are limited to the role of ” hallelujah boys in the politics of Nigeria,” thugs, or electoral mercenaries.

“The newly appointed Deputy Governor’s impressive track record in the oil and gas industry, coupled with his remarkable achievements in Edo state politics is a testament of a leadership paradigm.

“This appointment symbolizes a triumph for youth representation and also underscores the governor’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive youth the his government

Meanwhile, the Coalition of Edo coastal Communities, extended their unwavering support and solidarity to the newly appointed Deputy Governor, emphasizing their consistent demonstration of solidarity with the youth-friendly governor. They view the Deputy Governor as their foremost representative in government, serving as a rallying point for the massive youth votes that will secure victory for the incoming administration of Asue/Ogie, their formidable party candidates.

The coalition firmly believes that this appointment is not only timely but also strategic in ensuring a triumph in the forthcoming governorship polls. They assured the Deputy Governor with their hopes and aspirations, confident that he will diligently work alongside the governor to ensure the continued prosperity of Edo state, setting an exemplary standard for other states to follow.

“With the appointment of Marvelous Omobayo Godwins as the Deputy Governor of Edo State, the youth of the region are witnessing a significant step forward in their pursuit of active participation in governance. The coalition stands united in our support, eagerly anticipating the positive impact that the newly appointed Deputy Governor will bring to the state.

“With great anticipation, the Coalition of Edo coastal Communities eagerly awaits the tenure of the newly appointed Deputy Governor, as he bridge the gap between the versus syndrome in Edo State with his wealth of experience to better the lot of our beloved state,”

“The coalition on their final note extending their heartfelt congratulations and expressing their unwavering support, wishing the good people of Edo State a happy Ramadan”, they added.

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