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Ex-fighters give 7-day ultimatum to oil firms in N’Delta over unpaid stipends



By Sunday Onye, Senior Correspondent

Niger Delta ex-militants have pen down a 7-day ultimatum to all multinational oil companies operating in the region to pay them of all outstanding stipends and entitlements.

The ex-fighters under the umbrella of Black Waterway Boys, led by “General” London Diatacheko, aka Odogu D Dollar, gave issued the ultimatum to the multinational oil companies operating in the region, particularly in Delta State.

According to the Spokesperson for Black Waterway Boys, “Geneeral” Abra, all outstanding stipends should be paid before the end of the seven days.

Ex-warlords emphasised that the development was necessitated by the need to reward the former agitators for their surveillance duties.

Narrating the historical context of the struggle, General London Diatacheko pointed out that prior to 2013, the indigenous owners of crude oil were subjected to exploitation and abuse. He referenced a significant turning point when the Avengers raised a similar alarm, resulting in the loss of billions of barrels, extensive damage to land and waterways, and a negative impact on the economic well-being of the indigenous people.

Stressing further, they said there is growing frustration amongst the local population, Diatacheko declared:”We, the indigenous survivors, have become poorer despite the abundant crude oil exported from our land daily.

The spokesman said: ” We the boys are angry, that is why we are demanding the return of our jobs or the properties in question, if they fail to do so there will be an unprecedented and unbelievable attack if our ultimatum is not heeded.

He further urged the oil companies and relevant stakeholders to note that Black Waterway Boys is advocating for justice, economic development, and a fair share of the resources derived from their land.

He noted that ex-agitators expect a resolution that prioritizes peace and equitable distribution of resources.

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