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Ex-militants Fighting Tompolo Are Ingrates -Ozobo Writes Tinubu



•Urges Tinubu to ignore smear campaigns by fifth columns

•Says ex-militants Fighting Tompolo will incur natural punishment

By Peters Monday, Abuja

Niger Delta Rights activists, Comrade Ozobo Austin has taken a sweep on ex-agitators fighting High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, describing them as ingrates and being selfish.

This is according to a statement signed by himself which a copy was sent to Congress news correspondent on Tuesday.

The rights advocate said except one, all mainstream Niger Delta ex-agitators were offsprings of Tompolo, adding that this singular reason makes those ex-agitators fighting Tompolo an ingrates of the highest order.

Ozobo said Tompolo never fight anyone to be awarded with the pipeline Surveillance Contract, adding that people who are plotting against Tompolo because of the Pipeline Surveillance Contract would never succeed in their evil missions.

He said Tompolo is a messiah divinely sent to lead Ijaw and Niger Delta to the promised land, noting that anyone fighting Tompolo is fight nature and the ancestors.

According to him, Nigerian government should be grateful to Tompolo for his selfless sacrifices in improving the dwindling economic of the country and not to connive with mischief makers against him.

He advised President Tinubu to tread with caution and stop given listening ears to blackmails and smear campaigns against Tompolo by fifth columns.

Ozobo urged Tinubu to ignore mischief makers and unscrupulous people fighting Tompolo, stressing that the present administration needs Tompolo to succeed.

“Mr president, I know you were angry when people you mentored in politics were contesting against your presidential ambition. I could remember you called one of them who you made second citizen a traitor when he was contesting against your presidential ambition. Consider how painful that could be. People you nurtured, fed, and pay bills for, are spoiling you. This is abnormal, and can’t be considered appropriate. It is an act of insubordination. Think of it Mr president.

“Therefore, I know you will not listen to them, because listening to such detractors, ingrates and mischief makers will make you to offend God and the ancestors of nature.

“They are ingrates, the amnesty they are enjoying was established because of Tompolo and this is undisputable fact. That man should be appreciated. Those ex-agitators fighting him will incur natural punishment.

“Don’t allow yourself to be used and turn like barber chair by ex-agitators with utterior motives to distort the existing peace in Niger Delta”, he warned.

“I urged anyone who wants to prove me wrong to put up challenge, I repeat, apart from one militant leader, all other mainstream Niger Delta ex-agitators were mentored by Tompolo”.

He equally warned Niger Delta ex-agitators fighting Tompolo to desist, noting that there is always a repercussion for biting the hand that feeds them.