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Facts about late Amakosowei, Chief Pa Pawuru of Inikorogha community in Edo




By Stephen Asaba-ase

Chief Pa. Joseph Megbuwe Pawuru, fondly called Area Minister was born in November, 1922 at Wonwon Fishing Camp in Inikorogha to the family of Megbuwe and Ayama respectively. He grew up with his parents in the fishing camp and also followed his father’s footsteps. He was also good in craftsmanship and specialised in building a canoe;, Thus making him independent and contributed his quota to the fishing industry.

The biography reads, “After the death of his father in 1945, he joined his mother Late Madam Abigho to raise his younger siblings to keep the love and unity coupled with Late Pa. Martins Megbuwe his eldest brother who single handedly enrolled them in primary school in Agudu Community near Iboro Community in then Bendel State.

“However, at a time the load was too heavy for his elder brother, so he had to drop his education and went on by assisting his elder brother in the brewery business of Local Gin known as “KanKan” to develop himself.
Pa. Joseph Megbuwe was able to develop himself and his family by exploiting his Local environment to achieve his Golds.

“Pa. Joseph Megbuwe in the Late 60s engaged with the sales of beverages with staff canteen of the A.T.P Company where he was fully in charge of operations. He managed the canteen till early 70s when he pulled out and established his chemist store/sales of beverages and all his drinks were always cooled, his refrigerator was powered by Kerosine.

“Pa. Joseph was also good at male circumcision which he learnt from his father and also injected sick patients and recommended drugs for sick ones.
Thereafter, Chief Joseph took a break in the Chemist business and went straight to timber exploitation and was very successful in the venture”.


“Late Chief Joseph was a successful politician during the Obasanjo transition to civil rule in 1979, Pa. Joseph became a front Obar Co-ordinator to (N.P.P) to Nigeria People Party in old Ovia Local linet Constituency to the Ijaw speaking Area of Bendel State and was successful in the assignment given to him. During the Babangida transition to civil rule era Pa Pawuru was also a member of the liberty club that later changed to Grace group. Papa was a great force to reckon with Late Pa. Ogbomo of Udo.

“However, Pa Pawuru towards the end of the 90’s fell back to his chemist and sales of drinks business and politics.
In the latter days, Papa was an active member of the Peoples Democratic Party, P.D.P. He was a leading mobilizer, services to the community and active voice to the development of the Ijaw People in Edo State.

“Late Pawuru played critical roles in all assignments given to him and was a great leader of thought, he played a key role in the formation of Inikorogha Grammar School when the school was to be founded he single handedly drew the proposal and went to visit his late brother E.O Megbuwe at Sihucko Grammar School to endorse the founding of the school and so Ajayi the principal of S.G.S endorsed it and the school was approved by Governor Ambrose Alli in the 80th. He was also deeply involved in the creation of Inikorogha Ward.

“Pa Pawuru positively touched the lives of many that crossed his path. This may possibly give him the Nick Name (Area Minister) because of his ability to rise up to contain any situation when the chips are down. He was forthright, diligent and hard work. He was the custodian of the family history of his late father, Pawuru and the Aworis family acrossed Ohodia Clan.”