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Govt of Zamfara to provide 3.2 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Plans have been developed by the Zamfara State Government and a few development partners for the state’s distribution of 3.2 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

Faruk Mohammed Lawal of Breakthrough Action Nigeria revealed this on Tuesday, emphasising the need to address the excessively high malaria prevalence rate in Zamfara State.

He was speaking to members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Zamfara State Council, during a courtesy visit.

He claimed that the group had started a campaign to raise public awareness of malaria.

Lawal went on to say that 3.2 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets would be dispersed throughout the state’s 14 local government areas during the distribution period.

“We are working to eradicate the malaria threat, and using treated nets to keep mosquitoes away will help reduce the risk of malaria.”

“Zamfara is one of the states where malaria is most common. Which is why this threat needs to be addressed,” he remarked.

Breakthrough Action Nigeria’s Linda Osaji also spoke, revealing that 12,000 ad hoc workers were hired for the state’s net card distribution.

“Starting on December 1st, the cards will be used to gain access to the treated mosquito net.”

She urged residents of the state to use the nets for their intended purpose, emphasizing that fishing should not be done with them

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