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Hardship: Residents invade warehouse housing palliatives in Bayelsa



By Sola Omoniyi, Lagos

As hardship continues to strike harder on Nigerians, residents in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, broke into a warehouse where palliatives meant for victims of the 2022 flooding on Sunday, August 27, and carted away with it.

It was reported that the warehouse is located along Isaac Boro Expressway in the state capital.

The looting occurred amid widespread anger over the removal of fuel subsidies in Nigeria. The subsidy removal has led to a sharp increase in the price of petrol, which has in turn pushed up the prices of goods and services.

The administration of President Bola Tinubu promised to provide palliatives for Nigerians to cushion the effects of the fuel subsidy removal. However, it was not clear if the palliatives looted in Yenagoa were part of the promised items.

This publication understands that some of the food items in the warehouse had expired, but that did not stop the residents from looting them. The state government has yet to comment on the incident.