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How the notorious hippopotamus was killed in Bonny



Some many years back in history there was a notorious and dreaded hippopotamus, destroying properties and killing people in Finima Community in Bonny Island.

Precisely, in 1974AD the giant beast became a threat, and there was no way to kill it. Due to its dreaded nature, fishing activities and travelling in the waterways seized.

But Pa Spiff, the father of Nembe-Ijaw born, HRM Alfred Diete Spiff who was a sitting military governor of Rivers state then, was said to have travelled personally to Finima Community, to gather intelligence on the movement of the dangerous beast.

It was learnt that after few periods of studying the movement of the beast, Pa Spiff eventually killed the mighty beast and brought its lifeless body to his residence at Bende street, Port Harcourt Township, where a large crowd gathered to view the dangerous creature.