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I divorced my marriage secretly -Comedian Mark Angel



By Miracle Esegha, Warri

Popular Nigerian comedian, Mark Angel, has asserted that he secretly got married and divorced in the past.

The comedian disclosed this in a recent podcast on Teju babyface show stating that he had never told anyone about it.

While addressing his present relationship status, he claimed that despite having five girlfriends, he is currently single.

According to him, “I was once married, I never said it in any podcast… I got married in secret and I was divorced in secret. I don’t even know if am dating anyone naw. I have 5 babes, If it was my daughter, I won’t date me”.

Mark Angel also recalled how a friend who was working with Shell Nigeria mocked him during his days as a struggling skit maker, questioning if it was skits he wanted to use to feed his family.

He noted that he started making skits in 2013 but gained the spotlight in 2015, while adding that same friend who made fun of him now works for him.

“One day, I was coming back home from the location with my laptop and camera, and Alloy who was working with Shell Nigeria then stopped me to say, ‘Mark, you intend to provide for your family with skits? Really? This ‘foolishness’ is your plan to take care of family? Just wandering and trekking aimlessly with laptop? At least, pay for a ride on a commercial motorcycle!,” he said.

“As at that time, I was investing every money I was making into my craft. Because at that time the only way you could get ahead was to pay bloggers. I even put one of the bloggers on monthly payment. I paid the blogger N30,000 every month to promote my skits.

“Alloy who was discouraging me back then now works in my construction company. He works for me now. So everytime, I teased him about how he was mocking me during my days as a struggling skit maker.”

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