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Is It Ideal that God’s elect should die in illness?



By Timi Black

I am disgusted in my spirit seeing some supposed God elects die in sickness. Is that Biblical? Is there any scriptural example of such death?

I read about Job, Lazarus, Hezekiah, David and other few who fell sick and got healed and got resurrected by the divine will of God.

In the case of lazarus, it was not written that he was God elect but written that he was a brother to Jesus’ friend Martha.

I feel bad when a servant of God, someone who claimed to be a prophet of God or cleric die in illness.

Yes, a servant of God may get tempted by any challenge such as spiritual attack, sickness or others which may be orchestrated by the devil and his agents. But that doesn’t warrant you to die in such conditions as God elect. If you are in the faith, you are a join-heir with Christ. Having you body being a temple of God you are not expected to die in sickness like home believers.

Facing challenges and persecution is Biblical as a real servant of God, but it is not ideal that you die through sickness.

But take a look at this, how a God’s servant performing miracle, signs and wonders, a well honoured prophet, Bishop, pastor, an evangelist, etc, now got sick and die after a stay in the best hospital in the world. Is this ideal? I thought this only happens to God’s servants who have fallen from the faith.

Though, I have Bible accounts of people who die while as sleep. I have no case with such situations. It has been a means of God calling his elect sometime.

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