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By Asiayei Enaibo

Once Upon a time in Bobougbene Community, Late Pa. James of Agborowei quarters of Bobougbene was the Amakosuowei of the community in Burutu LGA of Delta State.

He supposed to be the Amakosuowei of Ayakoromo but because of slight river decarmation as Bobougbene Community is an extension of Ayakoromo, the first village after the formation of Ayakoromo, by history according to Mr. Edward Omoroun, that has beautifully expanded to be a community but we are constitutionally guided by Ayakoromo in some instances, and whenever we have issues beyond our debate we move to Ayakoromo and if Ayakoromo rule over the issue sentimentally, we are obligated to move to the palace of the Pere at Kiagbodo to seek for the intervention of Pere Bigborogha 11, Pere Hilter Perekeme of Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom to use his throne to decide the issue with solomonic wisdom, who has joined his ancestors four years ago but denied the traditional burial rite, yes, Hon. Prince Sunday Feke is from that royal background with total commitment to peace and love.

To drive this story deeper home, back to Bobougbene community, Pa. James was the Amakosuowei who by that virtue, a community property by care and affection until his going back. Ayakoromo community said Bobougbene Community is too far for them to gather at the Amakosuowei’s compound, James was said to be the Oldest man at that time, also Papa.James, probably has no befitting house to himself as he had no child but he had everyone in the community as his children. There came a day, Bobougbene Community sees the light of the day through Hon. Dr. Braduce Angozi, the would-be-Executive Governor of Delta State come 2023, who is from Bobougbene community, probably, the most influential, illustrious son my late father relatively proud of.

In this path of my storyline, Dr. Braduce influenced an NDDC project to tar the whole community, concrete pavement roads that elavated Bobougbene community to Urban standard awaiting, Dr. Braduce’s home coming, while Hon. Prince Sunday Feke the fastest contractor in the history of Ijawland who hates abandoned project, unlike some Ijaw people who have the benefits of having contract but being intoxicated by the funds, probably divert the funds to many wives or flux of cars and at the end, the riverine works become abandoned, tagged secretly as Youth reactiveness to the commissions, as a complain, a very negative image to our youths, but the case of Sunday Feke is exceptional, he completed the project with love. Bobougbene community in Burutu LGA became one of the first among the communities to have NDDC concrete pavement road in history.

Yes, Sunday Came to Bobougbene Community, the first dance Bobougbene community danced for Hon. Sunday Feke and Hon. Chief Braduce Angozi the Governor to be as it was prophetically confirmed by faith. So, Sunday moved with Budoza to clear the road way, in the working process, Hon Sunday saw a very old man, which age is close to the grave to rest, but lack the comfort of shelter and food, conditioned by blindness but lives in recognizing the voice of the people.

The CEO Dabskic construction and Dredging limited who is also the owner of a Foundation to carter for the olds’ in Ayakoromo community moved by love into action and made late Pa. James to laugh and rejoice back then, through pa.James all the aged men from Bobougbene community at that time gain the kind philanthropic food donations including my Uncle, who is now the Oldest man From Bobougbene, Pa. Musa Asiayei.

Today, the late Amakosuwei of Bobougbene Pa.James is dancing from the world of the unseen to say thank you to Hon. Sunday Feke on his birthday, whose memory bof joy I have stored in my mental archive, Feke who, made him happy years ago before his homeward journey to the great beyond.

Yes, in every community, when all have enjoyed a moment of kindness, the writer will keep the memory alive to remind the world of what gratitude means to mankind, for good, like my Father Late Dokori Asiayei who had a record book of kindness and bad account of those who had lived with him, as for me, I do only keep the records at the right side of my brain.

Today, Asiayei Enaibo and all the positive forces of the universe has come to celebrate with Grace and love. Or have those from my Community forgot this so soon that our dance to Sunday Feke become questionable?

For what you have done, recorded, or recorded. Let good health be with you.

Happy birthday and congratulations sir.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice.

(Bobougbene Son)