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IYC Zonal Poll: Chairmanship Aspirant, Olu-Derimo appeals to stakeholders to consider Olodiama Kingdom




By Timi Black


Ahead of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC Western election, a chairmanship aspirant Comrade Olu-Derimo Omaghomi who is from the Olodiama clan in Edo state has appealed to other contestants in the race to give Olodiama clan the opportunity to serve the zone.


He further appealed to stakeholders in the western zone and Ijaw nation to consider Olodiama Kingdom having been strategic in the liberation of Ijaws of Edo State.


The statement reads, “This has to come from me personally and it’s my humble appeal to Egbema brothers. Right from exception, the Egbema kingdom has been holding the chairmanship position of the Edo State whenever it is zoned to Edo State.


“The likes of Chief David Roje, one time chairman from the Egbema clan, Comr Freeborn Atigbi, one time chairman from Egbema, we have two women leaders zoned to Edo state, and Egbema was the beneficiary of these positions. Before now our national spokesman Peter Azigbe is from Egbema, in the third mobile parliament the Chief whip Barr Destiny Pereware is from Egbema. The current deputy national President of Council ,Comr Freeborn Atigbi is from Egbema clan.


“As Olodiama people, we want to make an appeal to Egbema people “our big brothers” and Egbema happens to be one of the most influential clans in Ijaw nation. Please, we are begging them to atleast jettison this position because presently we have two people vying for the chairmanship position from the Egbema clan and two from Olodiama clan.


“We want them to play a level of fairness. It’s not our right but it is based on participation and for all fairness, so let’s consider this area, and allow the Olodiama clan to have a taste of this chairmanship this time”.


“Olodiama needs it to strengthen the movement for the liberation of Ijaws of Edo State and for political influence for the state. This is my humble appeal to fellow aspirants from the Egbema kingdom, stakeholders from Western zone and Ijaw nation at large”.