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Military invasion: IPDI tackles Cleopas, Oseke, Marlon for abandoning Igbomotoru community



The Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI, has called on Hon. Moses Cleopas, Senator Bayelsa Central, Hon. Preye Oseke Deputy Chairman House Committee on Oil and Gas upstream, representing Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency, Hon. Moses Marlon representing Southern Ijaw constituency III and Hon. Nigeria Kia, Chairman of Southern Ijaw Local Government Council to stop the military brutality against old women, housewives, youths and community leaders in the Igbomotoru community in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

The group accused the military stationed in the Igbomotoru community of unlawful invasion of the community where old women, housewives, elders and community leaders were brutalised and injured.

One of the incidents was cited to have taken place on June 26, and the other was on July 22, 2022.

The group, in a statement by its National President Comrade Ozobo Austin, said the representatives and leaders of the Silga can’t assume to be sleeping when their people are dying, adding that only irresponsible leaders would allow their innocent citizens to be brutalised and remain silent.

The statement read “The leaders representing Igbomotoru community in National and state Assemblies can’t exhibit feign ignorance over the military onslaught and manhunt on innocent citizens in Igbomotoru community where worship centres were desecrated.

“I am sure the Southern Ijaw Local Government Council chairman, Nigeria Kia is aware of the military brutality against innocent old women, housewives, elders, youths and community leaders.

“Their silence over the ongoing attempt to wipe out the Igbomotoru community by the military has become so worrisome. Let them act and stop the military rampage in the community so that we will not begin to think that they are part of the military conspiracy in the Igbomotoru community.”

According to him, leaders of the area must rise to the occasion to challenge the military of brute forces on the Igbomotoru community and ensure that their people sleep in peace.

“The leaders of the area should act now to avoid a vote of no confidence from their people. Except they want to govern the trees and animals in the forest they should sit down and watch their people being subjected to the highest human indignation,” the group stressed.

Ozobo reiterated: “The strategy of mass intimidation, harassment, suppression, and brutal force in fighting crime in a civilized society is an old fashion and only unlearned and uncultured military institutions that are still dangling in such an unprofessional, and provocative expedition.

The statement further posited that leaders of the area would be seen to have failed their people if there should be further invasions of Igbomotoru and other communities in the Southern Ijaw Local Government Area.

“We want to see the proactiveness of the leaders of the area by ensuring that the military men who are responsible for this dastardly act be investigated and brought to book without further delay.

“It is our further demand that the military unlawfully stationed in the Igbomotoru community be evacuated with immediate effect,” the group asserted.

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