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Military jet provides us with weapon, food – herder alleges



One of the three armed Fulani cattle Herders, Gerau Dandawo who was nabbed by a local vigilante recently, alleged that Nigeria military jets supply them with weapon and food in the forest where they usually hide after carrying out an attack.

The vigilante commander (name withheld) told Gazette Africa that the armed cattle herders were arrested on Sunday after a tip-off by an hunter who saw them in the forest on Saturday night

The security chief alleged that, a girl who went to the farm with her mother last week Thursday was raped by the herders who also stabbed the mother.

Narrating further, he said they stormed the forest on Sunday, following the revelation by the hunter who saw them in the forest.

The vigilante explained: ‘When we got there, the Fulani herdsmen attacked us but we overpowered and arrested them. They confessed that military jets provide them with weapons and food in the forest’

He added that the herders were still in their custody and they would not hand them over to the police, noting that the previous ones they caught and handover to police were released without their knowledge.

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