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Nigeria publisher, Opukeme asks gospel singer Sammy to marry his pregnant girlfriend as second wife



By Timi Black
Chief Correspondent

Renowned UK schooled and trained investigative journalist and Niger Delta activist, Mr. Cletus Opukeme has said that popular gospel music singer Sammy Okposu is free to marry his pregnant girlfriend being permitted by Africa culture.

Pukeme who is the CEO/publisher of Dailywatch news said there was no need for the Gospel Singer to apologize over impregnating his girlfriend, adding that the singer was brainwashed to believing that he had committed sin against humanity and God.

The reporter noted that Sammy Okposu is free to marry as many wives as far as he could manage his large family.

According to Opukeme: ”Sammy is free to marry more than one wife as African culture permits. He does not need any apology to anybody for impregnating his girlfriend.

”The singer has lost his senses as an African under the spell of false religious teachings and indoctrination. Africa does not support abortion and abortion is murder. In Africa, we give 100% support to polygamy. We promote and celebrate polygamy. Now, let me ask you, between abortion and polygamy, which is a greater or lesser offence before the eyes of our universal creator? Abortion is murder and Africans detest murder ” he added.

”I married both African and white wedding and my wife knows that if the time comes, nothing will stop me from marrying another wife as an Ijaw man. Now,, my purse is not large enough to accommodate second wife.” He stressed.

The publisher charged African men and women not to commit serial abortions for protection of other people culture and religion, while offending God and their own African deities.

He urged African men to come out from the cage in the name of foreign or borrowed religion to marry openly second wives and throw elaborate celebration.

”’My advice is that all fingers are not equal. So, if your purse is not large enough to bear the responsibilities of polygamy, do not ever make the mistake to plan for it. Polygamy from day one is for rich African men and not for the poor. You have not feed one woman well and you want to go for two wives. You are taking a suicide mission” He maintained.

”Sammy Okposu should marry this beautiful white woman formally as second wife. He is a well to do Urhobo man. His empire is large. Marrying second wife will never affect his music industry. He will preach to them what they want to hear through his gospel music. Do not commit murder by abortion for protecting other people culture. Your culture permits many wives. You have not committed any sin for impregnating another woman. Do not allow foreign culture deceive you” Opukeme cautioned Okposu.