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Nigerian Activist, Ezekiel Condemns Invasion of Ukraine by Russian military



A Nigerian Human rights defender, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel has condemned outrightly the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russian military.

Ezekiel, in a statement he personally signed, said the Russian President is playing a dangerous game that will be disastrous to mankind.

He therefore urged world leaders to outrightly condemn the actions of President Putin as his inimical activities might caused third world war.

“Putin is using his superior military might to intimidate ,harass and wanting to subjugate an independent country into doing it’s bidding is not just a sin before God, but great disservice to humanity.

“Since Putin madness went overboard few days ago, through invasion of Ukraine, l have been using social media to call out world leaders , especially United States of America , United kingdom, France, NATO allies and all lovers of freedom across the globe to rally round Ukraine and save it from drug addict Putin dream of raising dead Soviet Union empire .

“My Twitter account has become centre of attraction in this advocacy because for every tweet l made , l always tag British prime minister, Boris Johnson, NATO, E U, CNN, BBC, ALJAZEERA English, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Tradeau , Voice of America and France President, Emmanuel Macron.

“Bully Putin e- rats who are increasingly becoming frustrated reported my Tweeter handle ,which has led to it’s suspension for the next 13 hours . Well ,am not moved an inch because the world must not allow Putin to have his way in his agenda ,which is a fundamental trampling on the right of people of Ukraine to freely chose their own path.

“Like what Boris Johnson said , this foolish Putin voyage must end in failure because if he succeed , a new order of tyrant and dictator would have been born”, he said.