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By Asiayei Enaibo

The leaves open and close without breeze, startling sounds of foot without humans, Okirigbolobou, those who miss their way to this forest see light from above to get directions to their homes, those who plan evil to the forest got lost without trace, when the gods open your eyes and mouth, then you are an Apostle decreed before the coming of man and time has brought you to function, those who installed themselves to test the potency of Egbesu lost and imprisoned until a circle of purgatory. A sacred forest of old, those who seek blessings go barefooted, in times of war, the invincible forest moves like a cloud of thunderlight, and Ijaws are blessed with wonders like the burning bush recorded in the Jewish book of history and wonders.
Okirigbolobou, when invoked, the cloud moves, rain falls, and the storm reveals the powers that be, truth holds the bond flows in the land. Have you heard of this deity, a forest only known by initiates of the old traditional heritage of the Ijo people, yes they made their revelations to•••

I have long waited in the forest of Egbesu-Bou in Amabulou, the traditional Headquarters of Oporomor kingdom in Ekeremor LGA, Bayelsa state, a mystery beyond mere flash of power, singing birds perched on the air without tree, the Uge, pure white birds all speak in riddles like human voices.

Birds chanting Perekere three times, Doves give native chalks to human, power from above, the symbol of the white flag of Egbesu, Ogonogbolokirigbolo!

Okirigbolubou spoke to me.
Before you step into the forest of Egbesu, there must be a revelation of your coming, a land where all the creatures are white, a very clean land, and words coming to your ears without anyone.

A forest where no man goes hunting.

I have only heard the invocations of Okirigbolubou! Okirigbolubou! Okirigbolubou! What you seek, you see, what you seek you hear, what you wish, the manifestation decreed by the gods whose hearts are pure to ring the bell in the thick forest of Egbesu-Bou.

Okirigbolubou, the power distributor to all the gods, goes before the sacred Egbesu and moves on the air to make manifestation.

White Chief Priest Felix T. Edekou Akpana Ekpengiridigiridi Ogidimelu 1 of Egbesu brotherhood.
Aye lips his words out in prayers to the land. What deity could this be? I waited so long, as my impure thoughts needed to be cleansed before I could hear the message. Three times means nines time in the invocation of prayers to the word of the spirit, fire, water, and air, the words transmit through the space to bless those who seek its blessings and curse those who abore evil at hearts. Okirigbolubou!

Whenever a message is sent through Okirigbolubou, both water, air, and fire obey the command. They are the channels made manifest through the unseen creator sent by Woyin, what was decreed by the tongue with Okirigbolubou, is sealed for its glorious manifestation by the petitioner, as pure and as the native chalk. For our land will experience new light, blessed Ijaw Nation, blessed Eferikirikpon, blessed humanity.

First, the gods choose whom they want as a channel to the mundane ears, Talking Drum, Asiayei Enaibo, take this note seriously to the doorstep of the Ijaw Nation, those who run away from the blessings of their forefathers will find it difficult for their names to be heard when you are chosen, the gods unveiled their powers and wealth upon the land. There are consequences for those who run away for the ancestors of the Land, Okirigbolubou, the power distributor is always with Egbesu in times of war, justice, freedom, and peace. I have made manifestation through High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpomupolo Alliance Tompolo, opueferekirikpon Odokorikoto Akpobirise, and his followers, a difficult path. Only those who are free can bear the cross in the lands of the gods.

Whatever Ijaw Nation seeks in this world, Okirigbolubou will distribute the blessings to all Ijaw lands.

Egbesu is beyond human knowledge, its revelation is the mirror to our development and unity.

Oboi bird walks around my body on three occasions, the forest radiates like the evening sun, whose sparkling rays illuminate our soul.

Jonah suffers his disobedience, and those whom the gods chose and run away got broken in all aspects of life, their awareness will always bring them back and restore their status. Ask Okonoweibousingha, the priestess’s lips hold the testimony of these powers of the Ijaw nation.

Tell Ijaw Nation that Tompolo, Eferekirikpon has come to restore the hope of Ijaw Nation, both economic will, and political will to sustain his people, what we do not know, we can misinterpret it. The lost heritage has been regained with fertility.

Those who vowed received their blessings and returned with testimonies.

Aziza was born to fulfill and restore paradise, lost in fantasies of nude ways to deprive ourselves of our roots.They have blessed us. When we abandon them, they will abandon the land.

Suddenly! revelation came to Okirigbolubou, Tompolo, that Ekpengiridigiridi is the chosen priest, and let his name be known in the lips of men, when he prays, his words bring blessings, justice, liberty, and development.

So the ritual took place in Amabulou Forest, where lions live with humans unarmed.

Like a door banged at the early hours of sunset, Egbesu white clothes above, and so below drop at my door front with this message.

There are blessings when you are at one with the gods.

Okirigbolubou! Okirigbolubou! Okirigbolubou! let your powers forever be with us. The forest that heals the sick, made the blinds to see and cleanse those who have sinned .

This forest under the spiritual watch of the eyes of the white Eagle King of Egbesu,
Who controls Okirigbolobou HRM. STEPHEN UYABEBEFAGHA EBIKEME the Perekere V11 of Oporomo Kingdom. Izonkuroemi!

The white Eagle stands
and the priest prayed.

As we positively chante, Iseeeeei!

The gods bless the land!

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice media organization

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