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Otuaro’s Solarisation Of N’Delta: A roadmap to Community Development




By Asiayei Enaibo

What beautifies the human estate is the tireless input of people who have the sole desire for a transformational agenda in various communities and towns. In the beginning, there was total darkness, but God made light over darkness and light illuminated our path to a glorious fountain of love. When it is darkest, evil finds a room to dwell there and communities continue to experience turbulence and horrible torment at all corners.

Light comprehends darkness and that New light is Chief Dr. Dennis Otuaro who has conquered darkness with the New Solar Energy Light in the Niger Delta communities and that light is like the triumphant entry of Lord Jesu’ so to Dr Dennis Otuaro who has Long imprisoned the desire to transform the Niger Delta region if given any official responsibility. It was a vision in the blueprint of the tireless quest for Niger Delta emancipation, resources control, and true fiscal federalism? Chief Dennis Otuaro is a cardinal point of a region full of hope to rebrand, restructure and create infrastructural and human capacity development while working with the right people who are vision-driven and today Otuaro has seen one in the NDDC board.

I must trumpet this as good stories do not travel far like harmattan fire, I have worked in different communities in Gbaramatu kingdom in recent times as a journalist in Gbaramatuvoice and a cultural and community-based journalist, yes in Okerenkoko, Okoloba, and here in Oporoza, people no longer know the difference between day and night, the only difference is that at Night God made man rest, while day man works for the survival, yes, Light all over the streets of Oporoza, Okerenkoko, kokodiagbene. Ogbinbiri, Okoloba. I was deeply concerned to know who is the new solar Energy in the coastal communities through NDDC as their names written on the light pools.

As the chairman of the Bobougbene Community Development Committee, I do not know how to get to NDDC to get this same wonder development, who has brought all this good news and nobody has said anything?

A young man walked to me and said, all these Solar lights were influenced by High Chief Dennis Otuaro, and I said that was noble and visionary of him. It is only true disciples of Egbesu like Chief Dr. Dennis Otuaro that can do things like this in the coastal communities, these are leaders who have shown developmental concerns like their spiritual master of all Ages High Chief Dr. Tompolo. The young man was in a hurry, and I said, that this good news must be on the pages of newspapers and social media influencers for community leadership to appreciate kindness as appreciation is the gateway to more development.

Across these communities, Chief Dennis is the Solar Energy that illuminated towns that both the aged and young walk on the streets of the coastal communities without candle lights.

Yes, NDDC is a development agency in the Niger Delta region and they have also worked to make sure there is visible development in their area of operations but the right people to work with become a great challenge, as a result of Konbokonbobebe leadership, but Chief Dennis Otuaro has come to change the narrative by having a contract and work on the specifications and completion for the sole aim of NDDC, yes NDDC should rest at home now that Dennis the Owelle I of Africa is committed to delivering, and reform the mentality of abandoned works in the creeks.

As a Chief, Dennis Otuaro holds PhD in comparative analysis in politics, he is working with the formula of comparative development, and to drive deep on this agenda, he has won the heart of the coastal communities as the New solar Energy and road network to bridge the gap of underdevelopment of the oil-rich Niger Delta communities. A movement that is gradually spreading to all corners.

I have to dance for the success of these communities with the completed solar lights and road works, and hopeful that Chief Dennis Otuaro will come to the Bobougbene community in the Burutu Local Government Area for us to dance for glorious light. Light is life, and life is love and we will love our communities as Dr Samuel Ogbuku (PhD) and MD NDDC are on board with the core vision of the agency.

As my appreciation goes to Chief Dr Dennis Otuaro, I also appreciate the NDDC board for doing their best by dealing with people who will not take their vision for granted.

I speak only on facts and realities as this endless list I appreciate Otuaro for being pragmatic and conscious of development.

Projects facilitated by Chief Dennis Otuaro PhD under His Royal Highness, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku PhD, MD/ CEO of the NDDC.

(1). Solar Lights = 150 – Ikoro, Edo State.

(2). Solar Street Lights 229 – Gbaraun town, Bayelsa State.

(3). Solar Street Lights =229 – Adobu in Bomadi, Delta State.

(4). Solar Street Lights = 229 – Okoloba, Bomadi, Delta State.

(5). Solar Street Lights,229 – Odimodi, Delta State.

(6). Solar Street Lights, 229 – Biniebi-AMA Community, Delta State.

(7). Solar Street Lights, 229 Ogulagha, Delta State.

(8). Solar Street Lights, 229 Sokebolou, Delta State.

(9). Solar Street Lights, 458 Okerenkoko/ Bibopre Zion. Delta State.

(10). Solar Street Lights, 458 Oporoza/ Oporoza Zion, Delta State.

(11). Solar Street Lights, 229 Igoba/Peppe- Ama, Delta State.

(12). Solar Street Lights, 229 Inikorogha/Azama, Delta State.

(13). Solar Street Lights, 229 – Kurutie, Delta State.

(14). Solar Street Lights 150 Kokodiagbene, Delta State.

(15). Solar Street Lights, 150 Kunukunuma, Delta State.

(16). Solar Street Lights, 150 Benikrukru, Delta State.

(17). Solar Street Lights, 229 Kenyangbene and adjoining communities, Delta State.

(18). Solar Street Lights,229 OGBINBIRI Community, Delta State.

In a short while, those who refuse to appreciate effort will dance to the rhythm of no music but a happy song of joy as the era of darkness is over in our communities.

Purpose-driven leadership works to achieve a goal-oriented journey of vision for impacts that stand the test of time.
A roadmap to community development is OTUARO, just one year as a special Adviser, you see the spirit of Tompolo’s development vision as a Lion begat lion.

Kenyangbene – 1km road
Benikrukru. – 1km road
Okerenkoko – 1km road
Kurutie – 1km road
Kunukunuma – 1km road
Azama – 1km road
Oporoza – 1km road
Kokodiagbene – 1km

Note of appreciation to Otuaro, The Bobougbene community is ready to write his name in the heart of our community as the Tukpa and Bini-ebiowei of Bobougbene as we will drink pipe-borne water for the first time in our community.

Asiayei Enaibo
Writes from Gbaramatuvoice