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Oyo Govt issues directive to safeguard mining communities



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Oyo State’s governor, Seyi Makinde, has issued an executive order on Monday to safeguard the state’s mining villages against exploitation and insecurity.

Another executive order for the creation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was also signed by the governor.

Makinde stated in his remarks that the signing was done to provide his administration’s efforts in the tourist and solid mineral sectors legal support.

He said that the two executive orders were issued in the context of his administration’s choice to forward its goal for economic expansion through the development of tourism and solid minerals.

The governor maintained: “Even if mining activity is on the list of exclusive legislative activities, the state administration decided to take a proactive approach in guaranteeing proper protection of the mining communities against exploitation and insecurity, as well as on the related environmental issues.

According to his Statement, “For some time now, we have been watching the developments within our mining communities and we have to deal with security challenges around those communities.”

“The second executive order is on the establishment of the ministry of culture and tourism, because culture and tourism is a major pillar in our roadmap for sustainable development, 2023-2027,” he said.

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