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PAP: Ndiomu meets leadership of phase ll, denies moves to stop stipends of beneficiaries



•As PAP second phase commends Ndiomu

•Appeals to Tinubu for reappointment

By Peters Monday, Abuja

The leadership of the second phase of the presidential amnesty programme has further commended the Interim coordinator of PAP, Maj Gen Barry Ndiomu for reassuring the continuity of payment of the stipends of beneficiaries of the programme.

The Interim Administrator debunked rumour alleging that he wants to stop stipends of beneficiaries, adding that there was no intention of such and it should be disregarded.

It was gathered the Interim Administrator Ndiomu and Critical stakeholders of Niger Delta Region met in Pa Clark house in Abuja to resolve topical issues in the presidential amnesty programme.

Meanwhile, the meeting was reportedly held due to the alleged fears of the purported suspension embargo placed on stipends payment which belonging to some genuine beneficiaries of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

While speaking Ndiomu, said he had no intention to stop the Stipends Payment of any genuine beneficiaries, but that he detected so many abnormalities particularly the issue of linking one BVN to more than one account.

He further emphasised that multiple accounts linked to one BVN is not acceptable in the banking sector and as a law abiding citizens he would not allow or encourage such practices during his Tenure in Office.

However, the Stakeholders and Chief E.k Clark had advised all beneficiaries of the programme to support the Interim Administrator to correct the abnormalities and Restructure the Program for the betterment of all.

The leaders and beneficiaries made their demands and prayers clear in the meeting through their National Spokesman, Hon Ibena Rufus Salvation, who spoke on behalf of The entire Leaders of phase 2 Group.

He pleaded with the Interim administrator to Reinstate and lift the Suspension Embargo Placed on all the affected genuine beneficiaries and pay all the arrears owed by the past administrators and also including the arrears owed by the current Administrator.

The Spokesman, Hon Ibena Rufus Salvation also mentioned in his speech that the Interim Administrator should carry along the Leaders and beneficiaries during deployment of delegates to institutions for Reintegration Scholarship Training both Educational and Vocational.

Ndiomu, in his response, also advised all beneficiaries to be patient while he would be looking forward to correct the abnormalities he met in the office.
He also promised to pay all Genuine Beneficiaries of the Presidential Amnesty Programme their stipends Emoluments within a short period of time.

The Interim Administrator also made an elaborate explanation about the on going Cooperative Scheme he had initiated to Empower the Leaders and Beneficiaries of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

The National Chaiman of Phase 2, Gen Olotu Wanemi with his technical team, Gen Clement wodo, Gen Amaebimo Taye, Gen Thomas Tenkiri, Gen Gen Goddy Kaduna, Gen Ibena Salvation Rufus, Gen Orinaemi heart, Gen Charles Akatakpo, Gen H.M Sylvester, and others they all commended the Interim Administrator for Demonstrating Capacity, Competent and Effective Management, Particularly the Cooperative Scheme for Leaders and Beneficiaries which according to their National Spokesman, was a laudable stride.

Immediately after the meeting, the Interim Administrator as a father swing into action and he called for another Meeting among the Leaders and set up a Technical Committee Led by the National Chaiman of Phase 2, Gen Olotu Waniemi who Led the Technical Committee as a delegation to go and convey a meeting in the Region to discuss among the Leaders and Beneficiaries for Consolidation of a comprehensive list of all affected members and also the way forwad for the Cooperative Scheme.

The National Chaiman ,Gen Olotu Wanemi invited all the Leaders of phase 2 and had a meeting at Divine Legacy Hotel Kpansian Yenagoa Bayelsa State. The meeting was fruitful and Successful.

According to the National Chaiman, Gen Olotu Wanemi, that he was impressed with the turn up of the Leaders and commend those leaders who came all the way from Delta State and rivers state respectively.
He promised that he will not let them down but will always ensure inclusive government during his Tenure in Office as National Chairman.

The phase 2 group through their National Spokesman, reassured the Interim Administrator, Major General Tariye Barry Ndiomu, that they would surely work in harmony with the IA to maintain the peace in the Niger Delta Region because the peace of Niger Delta is peace of Nigeria.

The phase 2 group also use this medium to pass a vote of confidence and Pleaded with the President of Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tunubu to re-appoint General Tariye Barry Ndiomu, the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme