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PAP: Otuaro meets phase 1 delegates, promises improved service delivery



By Stephen Asaba-ase & Miracle Esegha


The administrator of the presidential Amnesty programme, Dr Dennis Brutu Otuaro has ended a stakeholders meeting with the first phase of the presidential Amnesty programme in Warri, Delta State on Friday.


The event commenced with singing of the national anthem, opening prayer and introduction of members of the high table.


Meanwhile, the head of peace and conflict management, Chief Marbo Adama appreciated the stakeholders in participation. He admonished members to work in harmony with the PAP administrator, Dr Dennis Otuaro, stating that the programme would be 15 years by this year and had made tremendous progress, despite some notable challenges.


This was followed by the opening remarks of the administrator of the presidential Amnesty programme, Dr Dennis Otuaro. He welcomed members of the first phase to the programme while apologising for the short meeting invitation.


While speaking, Otuaro promised to operate open-door policies and make things better for the amnesty delegates, despite that the meeting did not encompass every stakeholder, assuring inclusion of others in other meetings.


According to him, since his appointment he had been having indoor meetings with stakeholders. He cited how members and families of delegates suffered casualty during the struggle.


Otuaro said he thought it wise to hold this stakeholders meeting to brainstorm and plan to move the programme better. He said he was aware of the progress the programme had made on education, training and empowerment.


The PAP administrator further stated that more planning and dialogue are still required to move forward the programme. He stressed that with elders and stakeholders behind him he is very sure of success and finishing strong. He maintained that the meeting is to plan and create more opportunities for the stakeholders and beneficiaries.


He acknowledged some challenges the delegates are facing to be such as said manipulation of some beneficiaries names, stoppage of training programmes due to COVID,

delay in payment of empowerment funds due to change of business names and others, stating that he found some of the complaints to be genuine and promised to address them.


The statement reads, “I know that we( delegates) are only receiving only N65,000.00 stipend but this is the time to look beyond the N65,000.00 stipend. Under my leadership, l want to provide more opportunities for our communities. We must organise ourselves. I know some of our people who have gotten training and education are doing well. My leadership will provide foreign and local educational and vocational training for delegates and critical stakeholders.


“We can do so to empower and make ourselves self-employed. This meeting will continue, it will be on a monthly or quarterly basis as agreed on. We must use the programme to empower our people. We must make things better for ourselves. I’m here to create opportunities for our people but not for any other thing. I thank you all for making today’s dialogue fruitful and successful”, he added.


Among ex-agitators and stakeholders that attended the stakeholders meeting included, Gen. Pastor Wilson Reuben; Gen. Andabofa Opunama; Gen. Benjamin Ekeremor; Gen. Adowei Binaebi; Chief Boro Opudu; Chief Simeon Bebenimibo; Godfrey Tare Pondi; Gen. Henry Benidogha; Gen. Aboy Muturu, and Prince Emeka Igwe.


Others were Gen. Arony Oputu; Gen. Omotonwerigha; Gen. Tallest; Chief Frank Akiefa; Comrade Ozobo Austin, president Ijaw Publishers’ Forum, IPF, (representing the intellectual arm of the struggle) Deputy National President, Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Comrade Freedom Atigbi; Spokesperson, IYC, Comrade Princewill Binebai; Bob Collins Igetei, Speaker, lYC Mobile Parliament, Comrade Nicholas lgarama, Chairman lYC Western zone among many others.