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Perform or get sacked, minister tells NDDC board



By Sunday Onye, Senior Correspondent

The Minister of Niger Delta Development, Engr. Abubakar Momoh, issued a warning to the newly inaugurated Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Board, emphasizing the imperative for performance during their inauguration in Abuja on Thursday, November 16.

The minister stressed the need for a change in the narratives surrounding the commission and explained the distinctive nature of the current administration, emphasizing increased supervision and monitoring for efficient delivery.

Highlighting the performance bond signed with the President, Momoh made it clear that failure to meet performance standards would lead to dismissal. He conveyed the importance of the Supervisory ministry’s role in assisting and guiding the board towards achieving deliverables associated with the eight presidential priorities.

Momoh also announced the intention for board members to sign performance bonds, similar to ministers, during a proposed retreat. He emphasized the President’s serious commitment, occasional reporting requirements, and the establishment of a monitoring committee.

Addressing the negative perceptions about the NDDC, Momoh called for a collective effort to change the narrative, particularly considering the numerous abandoned projects and debts. He urged board members, all from the Niger Delta, to view the progress of the region as their utmost concern.

Challenging the board to complete abandoned projects and focus on impactful initiatives, Momoh underlined the economic boost achievable by offsetting the commission’s debts to local contractors.

The minister stressed the necessity of teamwork for meaningful achievements, cautioning against conflicts that could lead to the dissolution or dismissal of the entire board. He urged the board to work cohesively, deliver results, and be remembered for transforming the NDDC during their tenure.

Earlier, Dr. Shuaib Belgore, the Permanent Secretary of MNDD, reminded the board members of the importance of the Niger Delta region, urging them to utilize their experience and expertise for socio-economic prosperity. Mr. Chiedu Ebie, Chairman of NDDC, expressed gratitude to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for their appointment and outlined the board’s commitment to executing legacy projects, collaborating strategically, and ensuring transparency and accountability for regional development.

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