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Pipeline Maintenance Contract: Activist Tiemo Raises Alarm Over Attempt To Force N’Delta Into Arm Conflicts, Militancy



By Tiemo B Pumokumo

The Niger Delta region of Nigeria has long grappled with issues of marginalization, exploitation, and continuous impoverishment. However, recent developments have raised concerns about a perceived deliberate attempt by the federal government to push the region back into a dark era of armed conflicts and militancy. This publication aims to shed light on these alarming circumstances and emphasize the urgent need for a different approach—one that promotes fairness, equity, and sustainable development.

A History of Sacrifices:

The sacrifices made by individuals such as Adaka Boro and Ken Saro-Wiwa in their fight for the political and economic liberation of the Niger Delta seem to have been in vain. These courageous figures, who stood up for the dignity, livelihoods, and environment of the Niger Delta people, tragically lost their lives under questionable circumstances. The failure of the government to address their concerns illustrates a deep-rooted disdain for the region’s equity and fairness.

Marginalization and Exclusion:

The deliberate exclusion of Niger Delta local content and indigenous companies in the awarding of maintenance contracts within the oil and gas industry across the region further magnifies the government’s disregard for fairness and equity. This continued exploitation and marginalization of the Niger Delta have severe repercussions not only for the region but also for rural communities. All well-meaning citizens of Nigeria must resist these injustices imposed by a handful of nepotistic, greedy, and corrupt individuals.

Implications for National Prosperity:

The continuous impoverishment of the Niger Delta not only fails to improve the living standards of other regions and tribes but exacerbates poverty across the entire country. The suppression and neglect of the region prevent it from flourishing and hinder its potential contribution to Nigeria’s overall development. It is time for systemic change that prioritizes inclusivity, shared prosperity, and equal opportunities for all.

Dehumanizing Practices and Economic Control:

Reducing the stake of the Niger Delta in the oil and gas industry to mere security jobs undermines and devalues the region’s potential. While individuals from the region struggle for security guard positions, nepotistic leaders conveniently award themselves and their associate’s prized oil blocks and maintenance contracts, monopolizing the industry and controlling the economy. This inequitable distribution of resources stifles the region’s growth and perpetuates dependence on a few self-serving elites.

Democracy and the Urgency for Change:

The democratic dispensation in Nigeria must distinguish itself from past oppressive regimes by addressing the concerns and rights of the Niger Delta region. The government must display its commitment to equity, fairness, and justice. Urgent action is necessary to prevent the further marginalization, exploitation, and impoverishment of the Niger Delta, as these issues have far-reaching consequences for both the region and the entire country.


The perceived deliberate attempt by the federal government to force the Niger Delta region into a cycle of armed conflicts and militancy is deeply concerning. The government must prioritize dialogue, fairness, and sustainable development to prevent the escalation of unrest. By acknowledging the past sacrifices and the legitimate concerns of the Niger Delta, the government can foster a united Nigeria that values the well-being, development, and empowerment of all its regions. Only through equitable treatment and shared prosperity can the nation thrive and fulfil its potential.

Written by By Tiemo B Pumokumo.