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Police raid warring Nigerian cultists, yahoo boys in Dubai



Tension is brewing among Nigerian citizens in Sharjah Dubai as police in the country have began raid on Nigerians over constant Aye and Vikings cult clashes and internet fraud.

The raid begun on Tuesday evening as the warring Aye and Vikings clashed in public squares in Dubai.

It was learnt the Dubai police had threatened to quit Nigerians from the country for engaging in all kinds of criminal activities in the country.

However, the alleged criminal activities of the Nigeria boys in Dubai had been strongly condemned by well-meaning Nigerians.


In a viral video, the cult groups were seen attacking themselves with cutlass and vandalising vehicles in public squares.

A nigerian who posted the video in Dubai stated, “Guys look at this bastards doing this in Dubai. It’s a big shame. It is a shame to be a Nigerian right here now.
They call themselves Aye and Vikings. They are raiding Nigerians now in Sharjah, and Dubai Police everywhere.
My office just sent me a mail not to come to work tommorow but work from home.”

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