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Pray for your leaders as Christ did–Speaker Abbas advises Nigerians



By Hannah Nathanael 000, Warri

As Christians celebrate Christmas this year to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, Speaker of the House of Representatives Abbas Tajudeen has asked for prayers and supplication for Nigeria.

The Speaker mentioned that Jesus Christ had a lowly beginning before becoming a worldwide and generational phenomenon in his Sunday Christmas greeting to Christians.

He claimed that Nigerians should aspire to the qualities of Jesus Christ, which included selflessness, love, sacrifice, fostering peace, tolerance, and creating consensus among the populace.

In the hope of a better future, Abbas also urged Nigerians to consider the state of the nation as they celebrate Christmas.

The Speaker urged people to continue supporting their political, spiritual, and traditional leaders in the quest for a secure and prosperous nation, even as she urged prayers for the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Let us use this occasion to ponder on the issues affecting our daily lives as a nation and how we can best address them, both as leaders and followers, the government and the governed.

“As a people, we have come a long way. Therefore, we should continue to unite and remain one. Let’s continue to pray and support our leaders. Let’s emulate the life of Jesus Christ and imbibe his teachings, which were about love and sacrifice,” he said.

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