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Propagating Ozobo’s Incredible Blueprint For Burutu LGA



By Asaba-ase Stephen, Warri

The deep intent of the incredible Ozobo blueprint is to reshape core beliefs and inspire far-reaching change in Burutu LGA.

We have come to propagate and empty our bowels of a beautiful renewed hope of human capital and infrastructural development of Ozobo Austin for the Burutu people. Seasoned from the compass of his manifestos, we lend credence to Comrade Ozobo Austin, Aspirant-Chairman of Burutu Local Government Area.

His echoing voice from the wilderness like John the Baptist was gurgling the ears of the Greeks.
Suffice it to say, His top five well-defined agenda chroming our ear drum are,
Social services/Welfare,
and security

Many registered questions on how can he implement these honey cum five and adjunct agenda? Lo and behold, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” Comrade Ozobo Austin is likened to the first most quoted popular philosophy of Jeremy Bentham, “Politics is a means of achieving the greatest good for the greatest number.”

A man’s character is his fate.
He is Martin Luther King Jr.
He is the liberator, Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro Jr
He is a freedom fighter, Government Oweizidi Ekpemupolo Jr.
He is a humanitarian.
He is someone who can harness the local resources for the optimal benefit of the people.
His crisscross-calibrated explication, inspiring dream like Joseph that made us believe, in buying and selling his political ambition as Comrade-chairman Burutu Local Government Area.

The blueprint of his campaign is chronicled on political stability and economic growth as the currency and fruit of his government when elected.

History builds the mental horizon of Comrade Ozobo Austin’s struggle for the emancipation of the Niger Delta and political restructuring of the Nigerian polity with his Media revolution side by side with our freedom fighters is a reminder of our collective interest.

“Government is a herculean task,” he said, but let us not fizzle out to dispense true democracy.

We, therefore, use the pen as our arsenal, the Media as a barrel beyond the umbrella body, the People Democratic Party (PDP) with a solid political structure oiled over the years in all electoral wards to organize, conscientize and canvass for Comrade Ozobo Austin’s chairmanship ambition in Burutu Local Government Area.

The cry from our humble heart, we plead the conscience of our esteemed Governor, His Excellency Elder Sheriff Oborevwori to support Comrade Ozobo Austin’s burning desire for a renewed hope of a sustainable development A1 plan for the people of Burutu LGA.