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Residents advised by Bauchi Fire Service to prioritize safety



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

The state’s citizens are urged by the Bauchi State Fire Service to exercise caution and always follow safety precautions to avoid fire outbreaks.

The call was placed on Wednesday by the public relations officer, MMrMohammed Bature, while he was chatting with reporters in Bauchi.

He issued the warning during a Sunday speech about the fire tragedy at Yelwan Kagadama in the Bauchi city.

According to a reliable Source, there were no casualties in the fire that completely burned a five-bedroom apartment while destroying some belongings.

“At exactly 12.30 p.m. on that day, a telephone call was received in the control room that there was a fire outbreak at Yalwan Kagadama in the Bauchi metropolis.

“Upon arrival, the firemen found the building ablaze and immediately began firefighting efforts to contain and extinguish the flames by showcasing their expertise.

“The cause of the fire was unknown but we urge the residents of Bauchi to be very cautious and always adhere to preventive measures against fire outbreak by switching off all electrical appliances when not in use.

“They shouldn’t leave cooking unattended to, especially when a frying pan is on even for a minute; avoid uncontrolled refuse or bush burning and keep matches or lighters out of the reach of children,” he said.

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