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By Asiayei Enaibo

EBIBENI not once, not twice, every Ijaw born soul within and in diaspora knows the value attached to rivers and creeks in Izonland. Our consciousness lie in the pureness of Waters we survive by, every aquatic habitant lives by the fullness of the clean environment, unpolluted by human circumstances. That is River Otuaro! Ebi-asen flows in his political pathways.

Several streams flow to our rivers, purified Ebibeni. That water that cleanses and harmonizes our minds and bodies, revitalizes the weakened cells. Yes take a cup of this water and be free from any mental grievance.

This is from river Otuaro. Drink and be pure. This is the stream that flows from the estauries of Escravos and river Forcados. River Otuaro flows out, this stream has not been polluted by any man- made ecological disaster. Watch your foot with river Otuaro and let your soul harmonize with your mind.

River Otuaro, undivided, no wave of turbulence as calmness create the harmony the dwellers enjoy at the Riverside, at peace with Nature. So it is!

River Otuaro purifies and cleanses your mind from political infection of hatred. There are no dead fishes found in this river, those being baptized in River Otuaro move with pure heart, no vindictive attack. The disciples move and think constructively and no one has thrown stone. They moved harmlessly cleansed by that Ebibeni spirit, that drinkable water that surrounded our homes.

A true Ijaw man knows Ebibeni, the drinkable water and those not drinkable. Yes, good Fisher man or woman will not waste his or her time and energy to sail to set his or her net in a polluted river for a fishing expedition. Yes those who are willing to fetch their waters from River Otuaro will be eternally free from all burdens, be it economic, social, developmental and infrastructurally than those who haven’t know that Alabeni is not drinkable over the years.

Come, let us go to River Otuaro to be baptized in the new breed of Ebebeni where you can see the new vision, liberty to be free from mental infection. Come! Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, the Deputy Governor of Delta is that Ebibeni the Ijaws are waiting for not to be thirsty of other water, except from River Otuaro come 2023.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from Ayakoromo