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Silence Over Attacks On Tompolo: Ezekiel Knocks Gbaramatu Media Houses, Youth Bodies, Self-acclaimed Activists Benefiting From Tantita



By Peters Monday, Abuja

Niger Delta activist, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel has lambasted Gbaramatu Media Houses, Youth Bodies and, self-acclaimed activists whom he described as beneficiaries of the Tantita Pipeline Security Contract of being silent over the unwarranted attacks against High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo by charlatans.

This is according to a statement which he signed by himself and a copy was sent to news correspondents on Thursday.

Ezekiel emphasised that no well-meaning Tompolo loyaltist would remain silent when some charlatans wants to drag the man to the mould.

He criticised self-acclaimed activists, youths of Gbaramatu kingdom and media bodies who are benefiting from Tompolo and Tantita Pipeline Security Contract but decided to remain silence over attacks against Tompolo, saying they are the greatest enemies of Tompolo.

According to him, beneficiaries of Tompolo and Tantita are expected to stand with him despite persecution and blackmails, and not to act as Judah’s Iscariot.

He expressed disaffection over the continue silence of people who eat in same table with table, adding that their behaviours are same as those blackmailing him.

“I am disappointed at them, when they meet the man, they behave as if they love him, but behind they do otherwise. How will you keep silent when charlatans are attacking your boss or friend?. How will you say you love a man but refused to come to his rescue when he needs your support?”, he frowned.

“Don’t you know that silence means consent, so you are not doing the man any good for being silent. You are proud and pompous for the privileges you are enjoying from the man. I am very disappointed”, he lamented.